How One Org Changed My College Career!

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I joined the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) when I first came to USC, but didn’t become truly active until the end of my sophomore year. I came into USC with the attitude that I could face the world, especially school, all by myself, but I quickly learned that sometimes you are going to need help. I felt as though NSBE had nothing to offer me, but I quickly learned that I was completely wrong. NSBE is an organization that assists underrepresented students in being successful throughout their college career and ultimately, give them a home away from home.

NSBE provides several opportunities for our members to develop their professional skills as well as gain an academic edge on each class. We believe in helping each student that joins NSBE in reaching their academic and professional goals. As the programs chair, I plan most of the events that NSBE organizes throughout the year. We try to bring major companies to our meetings to provide tips and give our members opportunities to gain knowledge from recruiting teams. We have companies like Facebook, Pepsi, Edward Lifesciences and many more come to our meetings. We even took a field trip to SpaceX’s facility here in LA. NSBE tries to give each student the best opportunity to reach their goals.

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While we are an academic organization, we also like to have some fun. I make sure to plan events that bring our organization closer together through potlucks, tailgates and small get togethers. I believe that an organization will only become stronger if you truly enjoying being around the people you work with at meetings. At this point, I consider them my family and am always willing to stick my neck out for another member.

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NSBE has taught me so many things since I have been a part of it and I truly believe that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it. They provide so many opportunities professional that I wouldn’t be employed next year if it wasn’t for them. I also wouldn’t be surrounded with so many great friends if it wasn’t for this organization. NSBE has been a big part of my life and I couldn’t image the person I would be without it.




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