Freshmen Year: Dorm Life

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Freshmen year was a different experience because everything I did was so different. I went from seeing the same people for the past 10 years at my school to seeing completely new faces. On top of that, I was in a different state, staying in a  different room, sleeping in a different bed, and in the same room as a complete stranger. Freshmen year was definitely different, but I loved the change of scenery. The beginning of the year started off feeling like something was off everyday, but eventually, I just realized that changing something that you’ve done the same for the last couple years is going to feel weird. Just because something seems weird, does not mean it is not better. I lived in New/North Freshmen year, and enjoyed every second. Well for the first of school, I had to get use to this bus backing up every morning, but after that I enjoyed every second. New/North is located by Leavey Library at the top right of campus off of Figueroa street. New/North was considered the social dorm, and I would have to agree that at any time during the day, you could find people to hangout with and play FIFA against.  1385203_10151805641413371_792986306_n

It was what I imagined sleep away camp would be like, except you go to class everyday compared to do activities. I loved my hallway, and I am still friends with most of them. I still get breakfast or lunch with my two friends that lived at the end of the hall. Periodically, we attempt to go to Jack and Joes, the amazing off campus breakfast place, but for some reason, the wait is also way too long.  The stranger I that lived next to me, also known as a roommate, became one of my good friends. The funny thing is that for my junior year, I am living with him again. New/North was a great place that fostered a great Freshmen year and where I met some of my life long friends.

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