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Last week on Friday I had my first meeting with potential students. It was already a pretty hectic day since I had three midterms this week and a physics homework due in a couple hours. To make matters worse, I ended up doing the wrong HW set, but luckily my professor was nice enough to give me another chance. Side note: another great part about USC is that the teachers aren’t here to make you fail, they want to see you accel in their classes. Back to MUSC, at first I was a little quiet so I could feel out the group, then I kinda loosened up and began talking to all the students and their parents. Hopefully one of you guys are reading this because I enjoyed all your company and you should definitely come here next year. For you that haven’t come yet, you definitely should schedule a tour and come by and talk to me and my fellow VSAs. We first went to a mini info-session were an admissions director will give you a general overview of the college process and a couple tips of how to stand out when it comes to applying to USC.  As Chrissty, the admissions director that was there with me, talked, Sam and I got to give our own personal stories to give the students and their parents more of a student perspective instead of hearing canned responses. I enjoyed talking to the students and answering all their questions. It felt like being a high school ambassador all over again. Then we left the engineering building and explored the campus. We usually go to different labs or anywhere the students want to go. This time we went to my stomping grounds and went to the chem labs. Its weird seeing other people’s responses to the labs that you see every week. I forgot what it is like to come from a small high school lab to a large lab room that has all the bells and whistles. The tour only lasted about an hour, but I really enjoyed that solid hour. It gave me a brake from studies and time to simply talk and meet some cool new students. Hope to see some new faces around campus



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