College is More than Just an Education

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College is a mix of experiences that you really won’t understand until you really get into the mix. You will head off to college ready to get into your studies, but you have to realize that college is so much more than just trips to the library and equations. When you finally step onto campus, you will realize that college opens so many doors for you to explore. Going from high school where you wake up at 8 and return to home to do homework till 8 is something very different than college. When you get to college, you will realize how much free time you have that you can spend doing whatever you truly want. Of course you need to stay on top of your studies, but college is more than just a degree. With my free time, I’ve traveled to Mammoth Mountain and various beaches in the area. In a city like LA, you have to take advantage of all the sites. ¬†You can go snowboarding in the morning, beach in the afternoon, and a nice classy dinner at night. Not only does LA have a great outdoor life, but the food around here is unbelievable. You can find at least a 4 star restaurant for any type of food, including dinner. On top of just exploring LA, you should embrace the culture and get to know as many as people as possible. It’s very interesting to meet people from all over the world, and simply compare cultures. You’ll find that there are always people interested in the same things as you. Luckily, at USC we have one of the most diverse populations where people are from everywhere. I remember when I was admitted we had one person from every state except poor North Dakota. So when you get the chance to take your first steps onto your college campus, remember that you have to stay on top of your grades, but more importantly enjoy as many aspects of college.

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