CHE 330 Thermodynamics: Controlling Heat

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When I first met older chemical engineers, I can remember them always mentioning “Thermo” like it was a myth or a legend; “Oh you’re a freshmen, that means you haven’t taken thermo yet.” The way I see it now is somewhat like a right of passage as a Chemical Engineer. It’s a challenging engineering class that is an extension of the freshmen class CHE 120 intro to chemical engineering. It take chemical systems that extra step from calculating how much mass goes in and out the system to calculating work, heat, pressure and internal energy of chemical machinery like a mixer. The class makes you use basic puzzle skills, problem solving, math and chemistry to solve systems and word problems; everything that I like wrapped up into one class. While the class is challenging sometimes, I never really get discouraged based on the fact that my TA, Pavita, is literally always there to help me along the way. Along with my TA, I have my peers to look to for help. I believe the reason I have enjoyed this class so much is because while I do face challenges at each homework, my whole class works as a team in class and outside of a class to make sure that we all succeed. As an engineer, you start to learn that while you can solve most things by yourself, you have to reach out sometimes and ask for help. This class has shown me what engineering is all about; working in teams to beat adversity and reach your goals.


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