Meet the Faculty: Part 6

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Electrical Engineering with Professor Krishna Nayak Example CourseFreshman Engineering Academy and Undergraduate Courses in Signal ProcessingResearch InterestRapid magnetic resonance imaging, medical image acquisition and reconstructionFun FactTriple Majored with BS degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Applied Math from Florida State University

Meet the Faculty: Part 5

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Industrial Systems Engineering with  Professor Geza Bottlik Example CourseUndergraduate Courses in topics like Scheduling, Automation, Analysis and Design of Production SystemResearch InterestOperations Research, Inventory Systems and Engineering EconomyFun FactUSC Alumni, received an MS in Mechanical engineering

Theme Parks and Attractions: Part 1

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Having a campus in the heart of Los Angeles presents plenty of places to go to get off campus and have some fun. A great way to do this is to explore many of the theme parks and attractions spread throughout the Los Angeles Area! Check out some cool ones below: Disneyland Located 45 minutes south of campus in Anaheim, Disneyland ...

Meet the Faculty: Part 4

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Chemical Engineering with Professor Andrea Armani Example CourseMASC 350, Nanostructured Materials: Design, Synthesis, and Processing Research InterestBiological and chemical sensors and microfluidics, development of novel surface chemistries, optical device design and characterization, and synthesis of optical materialsFun FactWorld Economic Forum names Andrea Armani one of 30 "Exceptional Scientists under 40" in the world

Civil Engineering

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CLICK the following for more information...Students Meet Kelly Meet Molly OrganizationsDiscover CMAA Discover ASCEFacultyLearn from Professor Lynett

Meet the Faculty: Part 3

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Computer Science with Professor Hao Li Example CourseCSCI, Computer Graphics FS 2014Research Interestalgorithms on dynamic shape reconstruction and non-rigid registration are widely deployed in the industry, ranging from leading visual effects studios to defense projects and manufacturers of state-of-the-art radiation therapy systemsFun FactIn collaboration with Artec Group, developed, a free software that allows anyone to create their own 3D ...

Fight On! – Trojan School Spirit

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One of the best parts about going to school at USC is the school spirit and traditions!  Of course we love our football, but school spirit isn't limited to athletics.  We like to show our pride in many different ways - here's the rundown on some of the most important and fun school spirit traditions:This is the first thing you need ...

Meet the Faculty: Part 2

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Biomedical Engineering with Professor David D'Argenio Example CourseBME 210: Biomedical Computational MethodsResearch InterestIncludes focusing on the development of advanced modeling and computational methods for studying the absorption, distribution and elimination of therapeutic drugsFun FactUSC Alumni,  Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering

Meet the Faculty: Part 1

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Civil Engineering with Professor Patrick Lynett Example CourseCE 499, Basic Coastal Engineering Research InterestModeling of coastal processes, multi-scale, high-performance computation, complex, turbulent, and nonlinear wave dynamicsFun FactBest Graduate Student Paper Award, given annually by the Offshore, Ocean and Arctic Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

The Viterbi Org Inside Scoop: Part 2

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If professional organizations aren't your thing, then maybe doing hands on engineering work maybe more your fit! Viterbi Design Teams are opportunities for students to build vehicles, rockets, airplanes, race cars, and more. These organizations are mostly student run, and produce completely student built products. They get sponsors from some of the major engineering companies in Los Angeles, therefore strengthening ...

Getting Involved within Viterbi

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While USC already has plenty of ways to get involved, Viterbi has over 30 organizations to get involved in! Viterbi organizations can be categorized into design teams, professional, innovation, and social organizations. All organizations within Viterbi are overseen by student affairs and the Klein Institute for Undergraduate Engineering Life aimed at bringing together all of the organizations within Viterbi and ...

The Viterbi Org Inside Scoop: Part 1

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While there are already so many organizations USC as a whole has to offer, the Viterbi School of Engineering has even more options of organizations to join. Organizations within Viterbi can be divided into Professional Organizations, Design Teams and More! Within Viterbi, the Klein Institute of Undergraduate Engineering Life oversees all Organizations to promote the organizations working together to promote ...

USC Gives Back!

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The are hundreds of ways to get involved with community service on campus! Here are just a couple of awesome organizations that USC students love! Trojan Dance Marathon: Trojan DM is a 12 hour event in February that raises money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Last year there were over 2000 participants and they raised over $60000 to benefit pediatric ...

USC’s Best Study Spots: The Highlights

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Studying: it's one of the most important things you'll be doing at USC.  It's important to develop good study habits early, and that can be made easier if you find the right study spot.  Everybody's different - some people may prefer libraries, coffee shops, outdoor areas, or even just their desk in their bedroom.  Whatever your personal preference, here are ...

Discover Los Angeles Outdoors: Part 2

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We last covered the best hikes around LA County that are definitely worth checking out!  These hidden paradises in the busy Los Angeles City are not the only ones.  Here are two more secrets that are a must see destination -- especially on the very hot days of California. Escondido Falls Located near Malibu, this hike takes you through a canyon, ...

Getting Around in LA

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When you go to college at USC, you benefit from being able to enjoy all that one of the country's largest cities has to offer in your free time.  Beaches, museums, hikes, sports, restaurants - the list goes on and on! Check out some of the cities best nature experiences here, as well as some of my favorite LA activities.  Now ...

Athletics at USC: The Highlights

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A great way to start the day refreshed, end the day on a high note or to just take a break from studying is to get a work out in with friends!  From varsity to club to intramurals to student run organizations there's a sport of interest at USC for everyone.   Whether you've been training your whole life to be the ...

Discover Los Angeles Outdoors: Part 1

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Although there is always something fun going on at USC, sometimes it is nice to get off campus and explore Los Angeles. A great way to do this is through hiking. Even though most people don’t think LA is very outdoorsy, there are plenty of great hikes around LA County that are definitely worth checking out! Here a few cool ...

Viterbi Career Services

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One of the biggest concerns that people have when choosing a college, as well as a major, is if they will be able to get a job with their degree. Viterbi has an incredible amount of resources dedicated to helping you do just that. Viterbi puts on two career fairs each year: one in the Fall and one in the ...

Our Favorite Classes: The Highlights

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Due to the breadth of majors that Viterbi has to offer, we end up taking a set of incredibly diverse classes. This is a compiled list from some of our favorites of this semester. CE 473 – Engineering Law, Finance, and Ethics: "Professor Sherman has really opened my eyes to how much more there is to engineering than just the ...