2-043 : USC Solar Car

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The USC Solar Car team is one of Viterbi's student-run design teams, and their goal is to create a fully functional solar car to enter into the 2017 World Solar Challenge. Listen to learn more about the design process, industry connections, and their plan for the week long cross-continental solar car race. Check out more! Learn more about Viterbi's Design ...

2-042 : Engineers Without Borders

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Want to make a impact on the world using your engineering knowledge? Engineers Without Borders gives students the opportunity to do so by pairing with communities around the globe to solve real world issues with sustainable, equitable, and economical solutions. EWB's USC chapter is currently working on projects in Guatemala and at the San Diego Zoo, which you can learn ...

2-041 : Petroleum Engineering with Professor Iraj Ershaghi

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From solar power to fracking to energy development trends and more, Dr. Iraj Ershaghi joins the podcast and tells us all about the evolving field of petroleum engineering, and how an undergraduate engineering degree can lead you to this industry. Dr. Ershaghi is the Director of the Petroleum Engineering Department at USC, and has extensive experience in both research and ...

2-040 : Code the Change & Using Tech for Social Impact

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Code the Change is a student organization that seeks to apply computer science skills to make a social impact. Liam and Alicia talk about the club's current and past projects working with local non profit organizations and give advice for aspiring computer science students. Check out more! Learn more about Computer Science and Engineering! Listen to Professor Sukhatme talk about ...

2-039 : LavaLab & Product Design and Development

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In Episode 39 Paul and Alex learn more about LavaLab, USC's student-run incubator, from Drake and Aneesha. LavaLab teaches their members how to apply the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation to make their product ideas come to life, and provides tons of resources and guidance along the way. Check out more! Learn more about the entrepreneurship community at USC! Learn ...

2-038 : Society of Women Engineers

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In the first Student Organization episode of Season 2, Paul and Alex talk with Sydney and Jennifer, two leaders in USC's chapter of the Society of Women Engineers. Sydney and Jennifer tell us how SWE seeks to empower Viterbi's large body of women engineers through their many professional, social, and community outreach activities throughout the year. Check out more! Learn ...

2-037 : Materials Science with Dr. Lessa Grunenfelder

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In Episode 37 Alex and Paul talk to Dr. Lessa Grunenfelder about Viterbi's Materials Science Department, her research in the M.C. Gill Composites Center, and the applications of materials science to all engineering disciplines. Dr. Grunenfelder is a proud Trojan alum with three degrees from USC, and currently teaches multiple undergraduate courses in Materials Science and the Freshman Academy course. ...

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering at USC

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Meet a few current Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering students and faculty, learn about what Aerospace & Mechanical Engineers study, hear why students choose to study Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, and see the research and career opportunities available here at Viterbi! Aerospace and Mechanical Engineers design complex mechanical, thermal, fluidic, acoustical, optical, and electronic systems, with characteristic sizes ranging from microns ...

2-036 : Biomedical Engineering with Professor Ellis Meng

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In episode 36, Paul and Alex sit down with Professor Ellis Meng who teaches classes in Viterbi's Biomedical Engineering department and serves as the BME Department Chair. Dr. Meng discusses her research in Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) and gives a great overview of the expansive discipline of biomedical engineering. Check out more! Learn more about Biomedical Engineering! Learn more about Dr. ...

2-035 : Electrical Engineering with Professor Shrikanth Narayanan

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In episode 35 Alex and Paul talk to Professor Shrikanth Narayanan about Electrical Engineering and his various research projects coordinated through the Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory (SAIL)that he founded in 2000. Check out more! Learn more about Shri's SAIL research! Learn more about Electrical Engineering!

2-034 : Viterbi Facilities and Expansion Projects with Vice Dean Linda Rock

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We're back in full swing with Episode 34 featuring Viterbi's Vice Dean for Administration, Linda Rock. In this episode Paul and Alex talk with Vice Dean Rock about the $50 million expansion efforts that Viterbi has spearheaded over the past decade, as well as upcoming facilities renovation and expansion, including the reimagining of the Science and Engineering Library to include ...

USC Racing

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USC Racing is an entirely student-run organization that designs, constructs, tests, and races high performance autocross racecars. Every year they compete against universities from across the globe in an ultimate test of our car’s abilities. Winning teams combine cutting-edge research and analysis with skilled hands-on manufacturing. Teams must also be highly organized and present a business case for their car ...

2-033 : Maria’s Summer in Madrid – Summer 2016 Miniseries Part 8

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In the eighth and final episode of our Summer 2016 Miniseries, Maria talks with Alex about her summer in Madrid, Spain with the Viterbi Overseas Study Abroad Program and tells him about her international travels, class, and her research back here at USC. Check out more! Learn more about how engineers can study abroad! Check out Maria's profile!

2-026 : Betty’s LA Internships – Summer 2016 Miniseries Part 1

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In the first edition of our Summer 2016 Miniseries, Betty tells us about her internship and spending the summer in LA! Paul and Alex also recognize and thank SC students Curtis Toyota, Thibault Clairis-Gauthier and Harry Zec for the podcast's awesome new intro! Check out more! Learn more about internship experiences and opportunities! Check out Betty's profile!