Spring Semester and Summa Summa

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                 So many positive experiences, adventures, and accomplishments over the past few months have made for such an exciting semester that I am really not ready to say goodbye to yet.   Whether it had to do with turning 20, living in an apartment for the first time, or simply making bigger decisions on …

ericaSpring Semester and Summa Summa

My advice to Incoming Students: Meet As Many People As You Can!

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Welcome week of freshman year I shook more hands and learned more names than any other weeklong span of my entire life.  Throughout freshman year you will be surrounded by a sea of interesting, intelligent, and creative people…my advice?  Meet as many as you can! Coming from tiny Clarendon Hills, Illinois, I couldn’t be more stoked to see so many …

ericaMy advice to Incoming Students: Meet As Many People As You Can!

Best Decision of My Life

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Having been at USC for two years now, I can honestly say that choosing SC was probably one of the best decisions of my life. As a senior in high school I applied to four schools: The University of Illinois, The University of Michigan, The University of Colorado, and The University of Southern California.   I knew I wanted to study …

ericaBest Decision of My Life
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New/North Dorm Life

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  I could not have had a better experience living in the dorms freshman year.  I still remember the first week I moved into New/North.  Students would wander the halls anxious to meet one another, music blasting from neighboring rooms, and BBQ’s and games of Frisbee taking place in the courtyard.  I think I met more people during welcome week …

ericaNew/North Dorm Life

Engineering and the Human Eye

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One of the coolest things about studying engineering is getting hands-on experience and exposure to real-life applications in class.   In Physics 153, Optics and Modern Physics, we have three hours of lab time each week where we get to replicate experiments, natural phenomenon, and theories developed by renowned physicists and engineers.

ericaEngineering and the Human Eye

Mechanical Engineering: Defying the Impossible

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  To me, Mechanical Engineering means excitement, adventure, possibility, and limitless.  It is a field that is constantly evolving and defying “the impossible.”  Mechanical Engineers use physical principals, materials science, thermodynamics, kinematics and mechanics to analyze certain products and machines, and design new and more efficient technology.  Because Mechanical Engineers have such a broad range of knowledge and skillsets, they …

ericaMechanical Engineering: Defying the Impossible

A Simple Switch

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Break was a blast for sure but I am definitely super excited to be back in L.A.  This semester is especially exciting since I actually just decided to switch into Mechanical Engineering! Viterbi is set up so that most students take the same basic math and science classes like calculus, differential equations, physics, chemistry, and entry-level programming classes.  Because of …

ericaA Simple Switch

New Year New Adventures

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2014 has definitely been off to an awesome start for me.   After spending the first few weeks catching up with the fam in Chi Town I packed my bags and got to stay with my roommate and her family in Kauai with two other friends.  The entire week was surreal.  Since my friend knew the entire island, the four of …

ericaNew Year New Adventures

My Top 10 Countdown

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  Ahh this year needs to seriously stop going by so fast!!  So much so fast.  I feel like I have grown up more personally and professionally than I ever had over the span of the year while having so much fun at the same time.  Here are a few highlights from my 2013 at USC that I will never …

ericaMy Top 10 Countdown

On Top of the World

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Scattered all across Los Angele are secret escapes that display the most amazing views of the city.  Up a bunch of winding streets and hills in Malibu is one such place that is one of the most breathtaking and mesmerizing views I have ever seen.  In order to get there, you have to drive up a big hill and park …

ericaOn Top of the World

Why The USC Ski and Snowboarding Team is the Bomb

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  I first learned of USC’s ski and snowboarding team through their Youtube channel when I was in high school. In the winter back in Chicago I’d sit in front of my computer for hours watching the park riders spin, flip, and pop in and out of the half-pipes and wishing I were a part of it. The videos were …

ericaWhy The USC Ski and Snowboarding Team is the Bomb

My Favorite Class: CE-210 Engineering Microbiology

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Sooo we’ve all got to play around with microscopes back in middle school, but what fun was looking at a strand of hair over and over again?? I realize how dorky this sounds but I never realized how amazing the microscopic world really is until starting this class back in August. Our class meets twice a week for about an …

ericaMy Favorite Class: CE-210 Engineering Microbiology

Back To School Balance

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Ahhh so great to be back in sunny Los Angeles again!  I moved into my first apartment three weeks ago and am just starting to get into my regular routine again.  As a sophomore, I had a better understanding of how precious welcome week is and used it to my full advantage this time.  Up until syllabus-week ended, I have …

ericaBack To School Balance
My high school friends (:

Lollapalooza…Music Making the People Come Together

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From start-up bands to headliners like The Killers, Mumford and Sons, and Nine Inch Nails, lolla was an incredible way to explore all sorts of different styles of music.  As one of the largest and most renowned events Chicago hosts every summer, I felt it was time to finally be to be a part of it.   Yes it was a …

ericaLollapalooza…Music Making the People Come Together

Solar Science

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            While skin cancer has always been more prevalent with old age, each year more and more frighteningly young people are being diagnosed.   Between lower ozone levels in our earth’s atmosphere, the invention of tanning beds, and our culture’s craze to attain that “sun-kissed-glow,” ultraviolet rays are penetrating our skin to the point of damaging …

ericaSolar Science
My brothers and I at my cousins wedding!!

Family First

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Freshman year was easily one of the most exciting years of my life. However, it was also the longest time I’ve ever spent away from my family.  Living 2,000 miles away from our home in Chicago, I only got to see them over a few major holidays.  My two brothers, Aaron and Elliott, have always been my best friends and …

ericaFamily First

Work Hard Play Hard: From Midterms to Malibu

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One of the reasons I left the Midwest for the sunny West Coast was to experience some serious adventures and have the opportunity to explore!!  Here at USC, we are spoiled with easy access to the ocean, mountains, and even deserts.  No matter how tough or stressful a week is, I simply think about my next weekend escapade and it …

ericaWork Hard Play Hard: From Midterms to Malibu

USC In One Word: Diverse

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Growing up in a small, predominately white suburb of Chicago, I didn’t have a chance to experience true diversity until coming to USC.  As a highly acclaimed research institution, Viterbi attracts students of unique backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures from every corner of the world.  I believe exposure to diversity is a crucial aspect of a complete learning experience.  Interacting and …

ericaUSC In One Word: Diverse

Engineering: Not So Bad!!!!

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Deciding you want to study engineering can be scary at first.  People will try to tell you that there is no free time, that it’s impossible to get a solid GPA, that fellow engineers are bland and anti-social.  As an extremely social and multi-faceted personality, these were the stereotypes that worried me most and almost deterred me from pursing my …

ericaEngineering: Not So Bad!!!!