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take the initiative to empower students to realize their innovative potential. They encourage creative thinking, independence and often organize events to connect students with startups and smaller companies looking for talent.

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Girls in Tech

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“I am a part of Lavalab, a startup incubation club that helped me bring my engineering skills to team of business students and designers. There, we developed a language translation app and pitched it to investors from companies like Sony, Tinder, and Facebook. “Michael, Aerospace Engineering '18

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Code the Change is a student organization that seeks to apply computer science skills to make a social impact. Liam and Alicia talk about the club’s current and past projects working with local non profit organizations and give advice for aspiring computer science students.

The 2019 Min Family Challenge is an annual social entrepreneurship challenge at Viterbi where students work in teams to create a product that can help alleviate challenges associated with the global refugee crisis. Students traveled to Lesbos, Greece to meet users and test solutions.

Paul and Alex learn more about LavaLab, USC’s student-run incubator, from Drake and Aneesha. LavaLab teaches their members how to apply the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation to make their product ideas come to life, and provides tons of resources and guidance along the way.

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