My Favorite USC Traditions and Events

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USC is a pretty old school – founded in 1880, USC has had plenty of time to accumulate its traditions and annual events. There are definitely some I don’t even know about given how diverse and populated campus is. But of the ones I know here are some of my favorite goings on at USC.

LA Times Festival of Books

This is by far my favorite event that happens on campus. The LA Times Festival of Books is the largest book festival in the United States and it happens on campus every April. Events include book signings, talks by authors (both local and those who travel to LA specifically for the festival, and some of which are USC alumni), movie screenings, and musical performances. Last year I didn’t get any advanced tickets (they’re only a dollar a piece, mostly because there’s limited room for some talks that happen in lecture halls rather than on a stage outside) but this year I did and I cannot wait to hear some of my favorite authors talk in a smaller venue. Last year I got a book signed and this year I’ll hopefully get another!

The book Lauren Oliver signed for me at the festival last year!

The book Lauren Oliver signed for me at the festival last year!

Lighting of the Torch

Lighting of the Torch happens at the end of every third quarter of home football games. Tommy Trojan rides Traveler onto the field while the band plays The Lone Ranger and everyone points as the torches of the coliseum are lit. It’s a fun break in football to  just see the Trojan spirit that actually exists.


USC Traveler

Vision and Voices Kickoff

At the beginning of the school year there’s always a big Visions and Voices event in Bovard Auditorium. It’s one of the biggest visions and voices events and they have a ton of different performances in one place. I went last year as a freshman and had so much fun. It was really cool to see the school bring in cultural and musical performances for the students.


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