Looking Forward: Spring 2015

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Weirdest thought ever: once this semester is done, I’ll be halfway done with college. Some (read: most) days I feel like I just got here and that it (college, life) can’t be moving this quickly. I’m really excited for everything in store for me this next semester and definitely this summer!

Lauren Howe and me at Disneyland!

Lauren Howe and me at Disneyland!

Over break I took a quick detour to Disneyland with Lauren Howe before going home to Seattle. Then after going home I sat and watched every Christmas movie known to man and made more cookies than a human being should ever considering consuming (the ginger snaps were my personal favorite) and also tried making homemade marshmallows (that turned out beautifully).

This semester is a busy one. I have Physics and Biology classes that both have labs, so I’m going to be spending a lot of time in class. But I also have two biomedical engineering classes: BME 201, Biomedical Engineering Practice, and BME 210, Biomedical Computational Methods. BME 201 will teach me about the industry as a whole and help me with my resume while BME 210 is about modeling biological problems with computer simulations in Matlab. Outside of class I’m now New Member Coordinator of my social sorority, so that will be a great experience!

What I’m looking forward to most, though, is going to London this summer as a part of Viterbi Overseas. I’ll spend 7 weeks in London taking classes (Writing 340 and ISE 460) and hopefully then exploring UK and beyond!

I definitely have a full plate, but I’m excited to see what all the semester has to bring.

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