Favorite Post Midterm De-stressors

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The best thing about midterms is the relief when they’re over, particularly when you have really busy weeks. I just finished three midterms this week and even though I was confident in my knowledge of the material, tests tend be stressful for everyone. Sometimes it can be difficult to wind down after all your tests are done. Here are my favorite ways to celebrate the end of midterms and relax after all the hard work.

1) Eat something horrible for you

Like most people I love food, particularly the kinds that aren’t good for you. French fries, nachos, churros – you name it, I’m most likely a fan. After a week full of tests getting something good to eat with friends, regardless of how healthy it is for you, is definitely one of my favorite ways to calm down. Cream, an ice cream sandwich shop originally based in San Francisco, just opened up just north of campus and I’m definitely excited to try it.

Cream at USC

2) Exercise

Maybe pounding out an hour on the elliptical isn’t the most relaxing, but exercise definitely helps to de-stress. My personal favorite is IM soccer, but IM volleyball and flag football are also fun – and you get to pick who to make a team with and pick your league, so it’s a lot of fun. If your team makes it to the championship in your league and wins then you get a “Just Did It” shirt with the Nike logo as a prize. They’re a point of pride on campus.

My team won the fall IM soccer championship for our league last fall!

My team won the fall IM soccer championship for our league last fall!

3) Movie Night

Sometimes after a hard week of work, it’s nice to kick back and do, well, nothing. I’m a big fan of Netflix and their instant stream (Silver Linings Playbook, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Buffy are particular favorites of mine). You can also rent digital movies from Amazon for just a couple of bucks. College is a really busy time in life, and sometimes it’s nice to just spend a night in with friends and lots and lots of moving pictures.

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