SWEet Weekend in Chicago

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So I realize that I’ve blogged a lot about the Society of Women Engineers, but it’s a big part of my life and many of the exciting things in my life come from my involvement! I made most of my friends in the club, and the people in it are my favorite to hang out with! I feel that this is pretty common: to become very involved in one or two organizations and spend a lot of your time with those people and at those events. I chose SWE because the social events are super fun and I love the people, the corporate contacts are good (I got my job through SWE), I can do community service easily with my friends, and I get to go to awesome places like Chicago for Conferences!

Since joining SWE, I’ve traveled to Orlando, Palm Springs, and Pheonix for conferences, and they’ve always been a blast.

This picture’s show: Selling T-shirts from previous years, Dinner in Disney World, Showing off Swag Bags in Pheonix, and Dancing in Orlando.

Almost all of the student organizations have an annual conference, and that is definitely one of the perks to getting involved early in club leadership. For example, Associated Students for Biomedical Engineering are going to Hartford this weekend as well, and the National Soceity of Black Engineers will go to Pittsburgh in the spring!

I go to these kind of events looking to take away 3 things
1) SELF-IMPROVEMENT! – leadership styles, time/stress managements, latest astronautics technology, etc.
2) JOB! – Most of these conferences have huge career fairs that give you more of a chance to distinguish yourself (and pick up some great swag)
3) FRIENDS! – nothing breaks down barriers like a SWE Sleepover, and these events make great memories and relationships.

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