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Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed your winter break.  I did a lot of relaxing this break.  My family and I went to Kona, Hawaii (on the Big Island).  We visited the Place of Refuge, which is where warring tribes or individuals who committed crimes could escape to safety.  We also went to the beach, played some golf, and did some beautiful snorkeling.  I saw eels and an octopus!

View from the Place of Refuge in Hawaii.

View from the Place of Refuge in Hawaii.

The rest of my break was spent reading, watching TV, playing video games, and resting up for the busy semester I have ahead of me. Here’s a quick overview of what my class schedule looks like:

  1. CSCI 401 – Capstone: Design and Construction of Large Software Systems
  2. PHYS 438a – Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  3. CHEM 105a – General Chemistry
  4. EE 364 – Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  5. CLAS 280 – Classical Mythology

My coursework should keep my busy, but I’m especially excited for my Capstone and Quantum Mechanics classes.

In addition to my classwork, I’m continuing my research in the M.C. Gill Composites Center here.  Learn more about my project here.

I’m also continuing on as the President of the Women’s Ice Hockey team.  Our yearly tournament in Las Vegas is coming up in April, so I’m working hard on planning that.

The VSA squad that will be representing in Vegas this year!

The VSA squad that will be representing in Vegas this year!

I’m really excited for this semester and hope you are too!




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