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Hey everybody! I’m writing this a little later than usual because I was busy having a blast at the Oregon State game.  It was a great bounce back game for the football team, who put together a well rounded effort to beat the Beavers 35-10!

Seeing all these displays of athleticism inspired me to write this blog about one of the things that is a top priority in my life – exercise.  I was always active in sports growing up – especially basketball and dance.  Being physically active is something that I definitely wanted to continue in college, you know, to avoid the “Freshman 15” and keep my stress levels down.  At first, I found it really hard to keep up with because I had knee surgery towards the end of high school.  But let’s face it – I probably would have found any excuse not to work out.  Lucky for me, USC has probably any physical activity you can think of, so I was able to find some things that were easy on my knees!

One of the ways I like to work out is the group exercise classes at the Lyon Center.  I can never seem to motivate myself to go work out on machines, so I like to go work out at a set time with other people.  The Lyon Center has all sorts of fun classes like Zumba, Hip Hop, Yoga, Kick Boxing, and even cool new classes like Suspension Training.  Check out class descriptions and schedules here.

A sample Lyon Center group exercise schedule.

A sample Lyon Center group exercise schedule.

And of course, I also work out by playing hockey for USC’s club team.  USC RecSports has tons of different teams at the club and intramural level.  You can learn more about some of them in this feature.

I’d have to say my favorite way to workout is lap swimming at the PED pool.  Kelly wrote a little bit about PE classes here, but the pool is also open for free swimming every day from 12 pm to 1 pm.  The pool has lifeguards and all sorts of training equipment, so its really fun if you have any experience swimming and like to design your own workouts! I also really like it because sometimes my dad, who works on campus, comes and meets me and we get to hang out a little bit.

The indoor pool in the PED building.

The indoor pool in the PED building.

These are just a few options, but there’s plenty of ways to get fit if you want to do it alone or in a group, just for fun or on a competitive team, or any other combination you could think of.

Have a great week and Beat the Devils!




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