So Far So Busy: Student Orgs, Classes, and Football

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What a weekend! I know you’ve all probably heard a lot about the Weekender by now since it was nearly a week ago, but I have to mention it.  It was such a great game! Clearly, emotions were running high and Stanford certainly didn’t make it easy on us, but we won and that’s all a Trojan fan can ask for.  I watched the game at home with my brother, which was really fun! We were dog sitting for a neighbor (and UCLA alum).  We enlisted the dog’s help in rooting for the Men of Troy and may have converted her from the dark side:

An attempt to make my neighbor's (UCLA alum) dog see the light!

An attempt to make my neighbor’s (UCLA alum) dog see the light!

Other than that, I’ve finally been settling in to the routine of fall semester.  My extracurricular involvements are starting to have more events.  This past Monday was the first dry land practice for Women’s Ice Hockey.  So many more new girls showed up than we expected that we had to get a little creative with sharing equipment, but what a good problem to have!  Tuesday was ACM‘s first general meeting; it was a Demo Day where students got to show off their recent projects.  There was a really cool one called QCast Music made by some fellow CS students, including one of my old floormates from my dorm.  It’s so great to see what awesome projects students can put together, even early in their career!

And of course, classes keep me busier than anything.  Advanced Electricity and Magnetism is turning out to be quite the tough class, but luckily my professor has tons of office hours to clarify all my questions.  Between classes, football, clubs, and everything else, I feel like I never stop moving.  But it’s nice to stop and enjoy the view every once in a while:

Awesome view of sunset over campus from my room in my apartment!

Awesome view of sunset over campus from my room in my apartment!

Have a good week and Beat the Eagles!




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