Looking Back a Few Years: Why I Chose USC

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Hi everyone!

Now that I’m coming close to completing my third year at USC, I thought I’d share a little bit about how I chose which college to attend.  I had a couple things in mind that I wanted out of a university, and luckily, USC fit all of those things for me!

The first thing I was really hoping to find was a school that had very strong academics, and not just in one area.  When I was in high school, I was pretty unsure about whether I wanted to study cinema or engineering.  So, one of the things I really liked about USC is that it is really strong academically in both areas!  That lead me to start off studying Computer Science (Games), which I thought would be a good combination of cinema and engineering.  Even though I didn’t know if I would stay in CS Games (and as it turned out, I didn’t), I felt really confident in choosing USC because I knew I would be getting a good education no matter which discipline I switched to.

One of the game development spaces on campus.

One of the game development spaces on campus.

I also wanted to go to a school where the student body cared about more than just academics.  Students here get involved outside of classes in so many different ways: from engineering design teams, to community service organizations, to sports, to music, to anything to you can think of! I wanted to go to a school that really cared about school spirit, and I wanted to be able to try something totally new.  USC absolutely offered me those things by providing great football and game day experiences and allowing me to join the women’s ice hockey team with no experience!

The VSA hockey squad!

The VSA hockey squad!

The last thing that sold me on USC was the location.  I’m from Southern California, and I really have no desire to leave.  I’ve been an LA sports fan my whole life, I love the hiking and beaches that LA has to offer, and I’m only an hour away from home.  For me, Los Angeles was a place that was different enough to be exciting, yet it was still a place I knew I’d be happy.

There are so many different reasons why someone might choose to come to USC, but hopefully I’ve given you an idea of what I love most about it!




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