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Hi everyone!

This week we’re going to be telling you all about some of our favorite USC traditions.  Mine is a classic, and it’s one I’ve been celebrating since I was born – USC football game day!

I’ve been a USC football fan for my entire life, and I have been coming to visit campus on Saturdays in the fall for just as long.  I have really great memories of getting to campus early, having the special game day lunch at the University Club, watching the marching band perform at Heritage Hall, followed by the main event – the football!

The marching band in front of Heritage Hall.

The marching band in front of Heritage Hall.

Now that I’m a student, my favorite part about game day is getting to go with all of my friends.  My friends and I have been going to games together since freshman year.  We event traveled to Santa Clara to go to the Pac-12 Championship game and have plans to go to Dallas for the USC-Alabama game next year!

Pac 12 Championship

On Saturdays, my roommates and I go wander around campus, saying hi to friends and hanging out with all the other fans who are just as excited about USC football as we are.

My roommates and me at a tailgate.

My roommates and me at a tailgate.

And of course the best part is the football! The seats in the student section are so close to the field; we have a great view of all the action.  And getting to the Coliseum early is fun because the student section has tons of games and music to get us pumped up before the game.  USC Game Day is definitely a tradition I’m going to keep up long after I graduate!




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