Fall Break: Getting Out of LA!

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USC’s first ever Fall Break was a few weekends ago, and every student collectively breathed a huge sigh of relief—myself certainly included. My midterm schedule this semester has been both forgiving and unforgiving; although I’ve had no real heavy weeks of work, my tests have been spread out enough where I’ve had one or two almost every week throughout my fall semester. It’s definitely nice to not have any single time where I have to question my sanity over my workload, and to be able to have fun and relax with friends casually in the midst of normal schoolwork. But a schedule of consistent testing with essays and projects tossed in periodically took its toll on me over time.

So when Fall Break rolled around mid-October, I was ready to escape the grind for a bit. I realized that I hadn’t been nearly as adventurous this year as I was hoping to be, so as a bit of a last-minute decision, I decided to take the 2-hour drive up to Santa Barbara with my roommate and visit some of my high school friends that now go to UCSB. It was honestly the best change of pace I could’ve asked for. Biking beachside, watching locals surf around, walking the streets of Isla Vista, and eating at Buddha Bowls were just the activities I needed to refresh myself before re-entering a seemingly perpetual midterm season. The only unfortunate part was leaving my sunglasses there…

Now having been back at USC for a couple weeks after, the stress has definitely returned, but I’m at least a bit more prepared to face what’s ahead. I’m just trying to stay productive until Thanksgiving, where I’ll be able to celebrate my birthday with my family and hopefully get some extra sleep again!

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