My Great Endeavor: The California SCience Center

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California Science Center

The Science Center was ranked as the second best Kid-Friendly Museum in the U.S.!

On-campus jobs, you hear about them all the time. It’s usually a job a student got as a receptionist in an office, or as an assistant in a library. Nothing too exciting, right? Well, at USC we do things just little differently. My on-campus job is actually an off-campus job right across the street from USC! I am an educational presenter at the California Science Center! Which means that I get to teach people about science everyday at work! 
How did I get this job you ask? I simply attended the Work-Study Career Fair hosted on campus by USC at the beginning of every Fall semester. It sounded like an amazing opportunity that I did not want to miss out on, so I applied and got the job! This is my third year working here and I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Sometimes my friends come surprise me at work!

Sometimes my friends come surprise me at work!

This is a museum dedicated to all things science, from marine biology to rocket science. One of its coolest features is that it houses the Endeavor shuttle! Remember the one you saw all over the news a few years ago flying on the back of a Boeing 747? I get to see that everyday!

Working at the Science Center has allowed me to interact with thousands of students and help inspire them to pursue careers in STEM. I look forward to going to work everyday just because it is such an amazing and fun place to work. Can’t wait to see what the Science Center will come up with next in my final two years at USC!





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