Trip to the Natural History Museum!

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After a great Winter break with family, friends and trips to San Francisco, Napa and Tahoe, classes are back in session! The last three and half years have flown by faster than I could ever imagine and I’m now looking at the start of my very last undergrad semester here at USC.  Here on campus, we just finished our first week of classes and then had a three day weekend due to the MLK Holiday!   With no Friday classes for the semester, I lucked out and had a four day weekend which was a nice way to ease myself back into school mentality.

To celebrate the long weekend, I debated going away for a weekend trip like many of my friends did to Vegas, Santa Barbara or San Diego, but we decided in the end to stay and enjoy LA! On Saturday, a few friends and I decided to go to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs and the dioramas of different animals!  The best part? You can walk to the Natural History Museum from USC and it’s free for all USC Students!   So it’s perfect for students that maybe don’t have access to a car or just ant to check out some really awesome exhibits on the weekend! Their entire Dinosaur Hall Exhibit allows you to explore fossils, reconstructed skeletons and learn allow about the dinosaurs that roamed the earth 65 million years ago!

Next on our adventure list? The California Science Center!

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