Spring Break has Finally Arrived!

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After a crazy busy week, Spring Break has finally arrived! This week I had my final project for my AME 308 class where we had to “build a bicycle” all on Solidworks which is a 3-D modeling software program.  Unlike past assignments in the class where all specifications and measurements were strictly defined for us, the design of our bike was truly up to us.  We essentially had to build all the parts (rims, tires, wheel hubs, gears, seat, frame, pedals, handlebars that steered the front wheel and anything else we wanted) and then assemble the bike in its entirety! Although it meant that I spent many hours in SAL (the 24 hour Engineering Computer Lab on campus which has the Solidworks software program), it was pretty cool to see the final product as well as what all my classmates had created!  After enduring two midterms, two labs and three problem sets later, the end of this week was finally in sight and Spring Break was fast approaching!

While I travelled to Honduras last year during Spring Break with EWB (Engineers Without Borders), this year I am going to Cabo simply to relax and hang out with friends. While it’ll be a much different experience, I am excited to enjoy the week and have fun with my girlfriends (five of us are going together!).  Given that I’m heading out to LAX in less than four hours and I haven’t finished packing or slept yet, I think its time to pack and then nap! I’ll be sure to post some pictures and give an update when I get back!


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