Spring Break 2011: Cabo and Home!

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Spring Break—the much anticipated, ever-needed mid-semester vacation!  My freshman year I went home for the week to spend time with my family and last year I went to Honduras with Engineers Without Borders with about fifteen other USC engineering students.  Since most of my high school friends didn’t have the same Spring Break, I decided to take a trip with some of my sorority sisters and other friends to Cabo!

We spent six days in Cabo and we were with so many other USC students, which made it a lot more fun! We spent most of the days out on the beach and went downtown at night to this one club where everyone goes which was awesome because you always ran into a ton of friends that you knew!

After Cabo (which was both very relaxing and exhausting), I went home to the Bay Area to spend a few days home with my family since I hadn’t seen them all semester.  My younger sister is a senior in high school right now so it was nice to hang out with her as she’s trying to figure out where she’s going to college next year now that she’s hearing back from all the schools she applied to! I drove back to USC with another one of my sorority sisters who lives in with me and despite the rainstorm we made it back safely. Not gonna lie though, the first week back from break was a little hard to get back into study mode, but I survived today’s physics midterm and only have one more until finals!


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