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Last summer I studied abroad in Paris, France for seven weeks through the Viterbi Overseas Program ( and can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life and undergraduate experience at USC.  I took two courses while I was there—a technical writing course (WRIT 340) and a French History/Culture class which was a great way to learn about the history, customs and social norms of Paris and France as a country.  Because the program was only seven weeks, the work load was really intense during the week—especially with all our papers and projects for WRIT 340! But on the flipside it meant that we had little work on the weekends and could travel on day trips a few hours out of the city or to far away French destinations (Nice and Normandy! or other fun places in Europe (I went to Spain and Amsterdam but had friends that travelled to Italy, Germany, London, Switzerland, Morocco and more!) We were truly living the motto work hard play hard to its full potential.

Eight months later I miss the Parisian lifestyle—the food, people, museums and the constant sense of awe I had when I would wander through the city.  So what better way to remember than to have a reunion? We had a small get together at my friends house and it was a fun way to hang out with a lot of my Paris friends that I don’t see as often.  Sadly not everyone could make it because of the long weekend ahead and homework conflicts, but it was still great to see everyone who could make it!

My thoughts for our next reunion? Crepe making party!

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