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Junior (Class of 2014)

Computer Science

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About Chandler:

Hi my name is Chandler and I am a junior majoring in Computer Science. I am originally from Plano, Texas, which is just outside of Dallas.

I love the California weather, great school spirit, prestigious reputation of USC and the good balance of social and academia across campus. But, I will always claim my Texas roots, wear my boots to class, say “ya’ll” and listen to country music.

In high school I had every minute planned out, so when I came to USC, I was looking for activities to fill that void. I immediately joined a sorority, learned how to play ice hockey for the women’s team, and even got hooked on skydiving. Now my time is also filled with engineering clubs like Women in Computing, Association of Computing Machinery, and the Society of Women Engineers among others.

If you have any questions for me about going to USC, my involvement, or just in general feel free to send me an email or tweet at me using the icons above. Be sure to check out all the other cool things on the Viterbi Voices website like webisodes, blogs, live chats, other profiles, and more. Good luck with your college decisions and of course, FIGHT ON!!

Student Involvement:

USC Women’s Ice Hockey | Society of Women Engineers (SWE) | Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) | Associated Trustee and Presidential Scholars (ATPS) | Panhellenic Sorority | Skydiving Club | GreekLife (Christian Group) | Intramurals (volleyball, basketball)

Why I Love LA:

Unbeatable weather, beaches nearby, famous people, hip restaurants, concerts often, games daily, and snow an hour away! What’s not to love?!

Hobbies & Interests:

Desserts! Travelling, watching and playing sports, country concerts, weekend trips, the beach, wakeboarding at the lake, anything I can wear my cowboy boots to :)


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