Semester Recap

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Wow, time really flies! This semester was a blur of fun weekend trips, nerve-wrecking game days, and fun classes full of group projects. As it comes to a close, I am proud to say that I am finally done with my LAST final presentation leaving a mere two finals to take before Winter vacation begins. For one of my most …


Never have dirty shoes again: Superhydrophobic matter

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“Imagine a world where humidity could be harvested and collected, where ties, t-shirts and shoes could remain spotless, and all the fears of contracting a bacterial infection in the hospital were eliminated. This is made possible with a substance that is superhydrophobic.” This was my intro for my last paper in my writing 340 class. We were asked to write …

Country themed party

A little bit of Texas in LA

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For those times when I’m feeling homesick for the smell of BBQ, the assumption that you want your tea sweet, the southern manners and yes ma’ams, the boots on game day, the obsession with all Texas sports teams, the love of queso, the unrealistically large portions, and general home-bodied nature of my friends in Texas… I have found a few …

Home screen

USC Frogger: An iPhone App

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My mobile application development class is really picking up and our second big project is due next week. My group decided to make a USC version of frogger where the player is a squirrel trying to cross Trousdale while avoiding DPS officers, bikes, and pedestrians. In our version, the squirrel will be able to ride the skateboards when they are …

at the gun range

My Favorite Student Involvement: My sorority

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My favorite student involvement is my sorority! Not only is it all that cheesy sisterhood for life stuff, crazy hair flipping, and constant shirt buying, but it is also where i live, study, eat, and hang out with my closest friends. Though it may appear like all we do is dress up and go fun places, social is just one …


October Anxiety and Excitement

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September has come and gone with zero midterms, very few homework assignments, a couple in class quizes, and some introductory lab assignments. Now I have to put on my big girl pants and face the terrifying month of (dun-dun-dun) OCTOBER. With classes finally in full spring and my misleading month of September classwork resulting in over-eager travel plans, this October …


Weekender in San Fran!!

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The weekender: when all of SC takes over San Francisco in honor of the Stanford game. Besides watching interception after interception, biting my nails through the stressful last few minutes of the fourth quarter, and embarrassingly watch Stanford rush the field…. it was a fun weekend!                                  …


Fall Semester at a Glance

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Goal for the summer: With a job offer already in hand (yay Microsoft!!!!!), my goal this semester is to be as stress free as possible. Though I’m taking a super heavy course load (for no particular reason), starting (possibly) robotics research, and trying this new thing called a social life, I’m stoked to stay stress free. Today’s worry: surrounds my …


Microsoft Internship- the fun part

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Let me start off by saying Microsoft is just as awesome as it might sound. Besides funding my road trip, (yay relocation), and conveniently putting me within walking distance of my work (in a mansion of an apartment), we also have dozens of opportunities each week to not only enrich our CS knowledge but also network with other MS employees. Every …


Road Trip: LA to Seattle

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Summer Vacation started with a bang! DALLAS: short and sweet but oh so fun. In the 10 days I was home I made it to: a Nelly concert, six flags, shopping, a Drake concert, the Wildflower festival, and of course many days at the lake. Then I packed and headed to Seattle! ROAD TRIP: unbelievable!!!!! so so so fun. 1500 by plane …


Summer Internship at Microsoft

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I had some tough choices to make a few weeks ago regarding my summer plans and ultimately turned down the opportunity to study abroad alongside my older brother and show my parents around Spain on their first intercontinental adventure. Though this will be my first summer not followed by the word vacation, I am so stoked to be working for Microsoft. I …

Our robot :)

Coolest Class: CSCI 101 Intro to CSCI

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The coolest class I have taken is the intro to computer science class from my first semester freshman year. Professor Redekopp taught this course for the first time (a graduate from the CSCI department at USC) and really took it upon himself to make sure students had a broad but realistic overview of what computer science is like at USC. …

Hamilton and I :)

LA in a Day

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My older brother is working in San Francisco, so when he came to visit LA for the first time, it had to be perfect! I asked dozens of people about their favorite things to do in LA and put together a full schedule of things to do during his quick stay in LA. Hamilton landed at about 7pm on Friday …

Reunion Holiday Party in December 2011

My Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant

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  Freshman housing at USC is unbeatable. All of my hall mates became my closest friends throughout my freshman year. We ate together at EVK (shout out waffles, froyo machine, outside grill, Chicken Nugget Tuesday), went on midnight snack runs to Tro Gro (shout out Trojan Plan), and there was always someone there to distract you from boredom. Though our …


Women in Engineering

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Well first off, being a female engineer is awesome. For my whole childhood, I wanted to be my older brother. When he was in kindergarten, I would sit at the kitchen table doing silly workbooks pretending to be in class until he got home from school. If he ate all his dinner, then I did too and when he wanted …