Staying Balanced by Taking Weight Training!

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We’re back on campus and it’s already week 5, ah!! It’s my junior year and it’s been a busy one so far, but it’s soooo great. The photo above shows when I took a little time off by seeing John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl! Here, I wanted to describe a bit of what’s going on with me and my classes!

This semester I am taking Mechoptronics, Fluid Mechanics, Dynamics, Strength of Materials, Materials Science, and Weight Training! One of those seems different than the others… haha. All of my engineering classes are great and have really helped me apply all of my lower-level science and math coursework. However, my favorite class so far has been weight training!!

I have weight training class two times a week and we meet in the Lyon Center gym, which just got completely remodeled last year. We have lecture for about 10 minutes for each 50 minute class where we learn about muscles, nutrition, and more. Then we work out for the rest of the time! I’ve learned how to do exercises that I was way too scared of before, and now I’m comfortable going to the gym all on my own. It also helps me get into a routine of exercise for the first time since I’ve gotten to college!

Weight training is just one fun P.E. elective that we have here, and it’s only one unit so it’s super easy to add to an engineering course load! I highly recommend taking this class, but I’ve also had friends take tennis, swimming, sailing, etc. I find that taking these fun classes is really stress relieving and fun!

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