I Switched My Major Second Semester Sophomore Year?!

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Coming back to my fourth semester at USC, you would think that things would just go on as they have been, but you’d be wrong!! The first week of classes this semester, I was hit with a huge realization. I thought I maybe wanted to switch my major! I wrote a bunch of pro-con lists, consulted with my friends, talked to an advisor, and finally decided to do it. This semester has been off to a crazy start, but I’m excited!

Now that I am a mechanical engineering major, switched from biomedical engineering, I can tell you that its TOTALLY possible to switch your major late! I am still going to graduate on time, and don’t have to take any summer classes.

If you are worried about choosing the perfect major for you while you’re going through the application process, don’t be! I recommend applying to the engineering major you think you might like best, and then once you get to school you can feel it out. Worst case, you pull a me and switch your major! It literally took me 10 minutes to walk into advising and sign the form, it’s that easy.

What I learned the most from this experience is that you’re never “stuck” in a major you aren’t feeling anymore, and you can always make a change if you want to! Now, I’m so so excited to see where my new classes take me.

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Celeste is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. She loves the beach, hanging out with kids, and listening to Bon Iver. Click above to find out more!

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