An Actually Winter-y Break Outside of SoCal

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We’re back in classes now, my fourth semester at USC ahhhh, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about winter break yet! It was an awesome time, and gave me a nice rest up for the next semester to come.

One of my first activities of break was going to Mammoth Mountain to go snowboarding with my USC friends! We rented an Air BnB up there and made all of our own meals, so it ended up not being too expensive! Some highlights of the trip were our trip to the natural hot springs (it’s very cold when you get out), our consumption of 4 cartons of eggs, and our ability to go from green beginner runs to black expert runs all in one day. It was super fun to go on a trip with friends right after finals ended and explore the mountains!

I also went to Austin, Texas during my break to visit my family for Christmas! I ate loooooots of barbecue and learned to appreciate Texan culture. I even learned how to two-step at a dance lesson held in a bar! I also got to hang out with all three of our family’s dogs so that was great. While I was in Texas, I was also able to go to see USC play Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. Even though it was a rough game for the Trojans, it was awesome to have a new kind of game day in such a nice stadium!

Overall, my break was very restful, and full of food, friends, and family. Now I feel ready to take on this semester and have a good one!

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Celeste is a sophomore studying BME. She loves the beach, hanging out with kids, and listening to Bon Iver. Click above to find out more!

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