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Celeste Goodwin

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2020

San Pedro, California

My name is Celeste, and I am a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. I am from San Pedro, California which is just a short drive down the freeway from USC. On campus, I am in Troy Camp, a student-run philanthropy where we take kids to camp for free and then have programs for them until they graduate high school. I am also in 3D4E, USC's 3D-printing and design club, in which I'm on the Pediatric Oncology team. I'm highly involved in the entrepreneurial community on campus and have competed in many pitch competitions with my team, Marlink! In the past few summers, I have interned at a green construction company and at Microsoft where I worked on the manufacturing of their Devices. Living in LA, I take advantage of our prime location by going snowboarding, experiencing music festivals, and cheering on our Trojans at the Coliseum.

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Knowledge is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.

Leonardo Di Vinci

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More About Me

My Favorite LA Spots

2 Truths, 1 Lie

True! I got my scuba certification when I graduated high school and have done several dives, one in the pitch black. It was scary but I saw some awesome phosphorescent plankton

My Involvements

  • I am a counselor in USC Troy Camp, USC’s oldest student-run philanthropy (over 70 years!). I have been the Director of Middle School Programming, where I got to create an Engineering Design and Shark Tank workshop for over 100 kids!

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    I am a member of 3D4E, USC Viterbi’s 3D-Printing and Design organization. I a have been on the Medical Device team and the Pediatric Oncology team since I joined my 1st year.

  • My entrepreneurship pitch team, Marlink, has been one of my biggest involvements in my latter half of college. We qualified to compete in the Grand Challenges Summit, which meant an amazing free trip to London! Our start-up connects autonomous underwater vehicles to their operators.

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 My Favorite Things About USC 

  • I love how collaborative we are in Viterbi! When I switched my major from Biomedical Engineering to Mechanical, my first day in my new MechE class I got invited into a study group to do homework with. Since then, I’ve never done homework on my own.

  • Coming from a small high school, the school spirit at USC is amazing. I love going to football games and participating in all of the tradition!

  • I love that USC isn’t just full of engineers. We get to interact with people studying so man different things, like Cinema or Art! It really makes my college experience well-rounded and interesting.

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My Major: Mechanical Engineering

     Why Mechanical?

Growing up, I was always pretty good at math and science. I knew that I liked those subjects and wanted to go into STEM, but I wasn't sure what field. In high school, I worked on a big History Day project where I built a 6 foot tall exhibit. From then on, I knew I liked building things and seeing the product of my work. From there, I decided to put those two passions together and use math and science concepts to build something! I started in Biomedical Engineering with a Mechanical emphasis but switched to Mechanical after taking my first AME class, Statics, and loving it!

Passion in my Field


  • Mechanical engineers don’t just work on planes, they also make products! Here is a Surface 2-in-1, something I worked on at my internship.

  • I love learning about manufacturing, especially in huge factories or of materials (shoutout to Materials Science 310).

  • Mechanical engineers can even work on fasteners on jackets. One thing I’m passionate about is sustainable design, which Patagonia is best at.

Passion in the Classroom 

My Favorite Courses

This is a junior level class for aerospace, mechanical, and astronautical engineers with Professor Gilpin. It is known to be the hardest class in all four years, but it is totally worth the rigor. In this class I learned how to write technical reports, make circuits, and design experiments.