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Mechanical Engineering
Class of ’20

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Hi! I’m Celeste, I’m a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering from San Pedro, CA. On campus, I am the Director of Middle School Programming for Troy Camp, in which we tutor kids around the USC area and take them to summer camp for free. I also do tissue engineering research on campus in the Laboratory for Living Systems Engineering as well as design and 3D print medical devices through 3D4E. Living in LA, I take advantage of our prime location by going on snowboarding trips, experiencing music festivals, and cheering on our Trojans at the Coliseum! Follow me on instagram to see more of my #ViterbiLife!

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In Dr. Megan McCain’s lab, I work on using tissue engineering to create heart tissue in order to test future heart disease drugs!
You can see all of the cool research we do on our website!
I am a camp counselor in USC’s oldest philanthropic organization, Troy Camp! Through this club I tutor elementary through high school aged students and go to cummer camp with them in the spring.
In the 3D-printing club, 3D4E, I am on the Medical Devices team. In the past, we have designed and 3D printed concussion-proof helmets and zipper clasps for people with arthritis.

My Major at USC: Mechanical Engineering

My Favorite Classes
As the intro class for BME, this course provided an overview of the problems we face as biomedical engineers, the jobs we can get, and all of the diverse, interdisciplinary fields we learn about! In this class, I got to see a MRI demo, hear from recent USC BME grads, and learn a bit about each of the kinds of engineering.
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These questions are only there for the admissions committee to learn about your personality. Don't lie about your fav things to seem more "smart". Be who you are and it will show!

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My Favorite Shows

  • As an engineering major, its hilarious to watch fellow socially awkward engineers on TV. Silicon Valley provides this through its story of a computer scientist working in the Bay Area trying to start his own company. Warning: not appropriate to watch with parents.

  • This ridiculously funny animated show from Adult Swim is about a mad scientist and his grandson who go on intergalactic adventures together. While sometimes dark and thought-provoking, you can always count on Rick and Morty to provide you 30 min of laughter while you’re on a study break.