USC to Pasadena

Being a “local” student

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Usually many students go far away from home when they go to college but that is definitely not my case. I am from Pasadena, California which is only 22.5 miles away from USC. Despite the proximity, it isn’t what you would consider to be necessarily “close” when it comes to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Traffic can make my little …

JosueBeing a “local” student

International Residence College at one of the Most Diverse Campuses in the Nation

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Hi guys,   I wanted to talk to you about my freshman dorm experience. I lived at the International Residence College, which was a great experience! It’s definitely one of the nicest accommodation on campus, being built within the last decade or so.  The rooms are really big, and it is a “suite” style dorm, where you will share a …

JordanInternational Residence College at one of the Most Diverse Campuses in the Nation

First Year Housing: Birnkrant

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Hey everyone! This week I’m going to reminisce a little bit about my freshman dorm room.  Even though I only lived there last year, it seems like such a long time ago! My dorm room was in Birnkrant Residential College, which is the dorm building reserved for incoming freshman with merit scholarships.  It’s located on the northeast corner of campus, …

EllenFirst Year Housing: Birnkrant
Pardee 4th Floor

Pardee On 4Ever!

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This week we are talking about freshman year housing, and fortunately I got to live in the best dorm: Pardee Tower (shoutout to 4th floor)! Pardee Tower is part of the South Residential Area and is located near Doheny Library, McCarthy Quad and Ground Zero, a performance cafe with delicious milkshakes. Pardee is an eight-floor traditional residence hall, with every …

KellyPardee On 4Ever!

The Suite Life of Freshman Year

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USC housing is extremely unique because of each of the personalities each living area has. As you read our blogs on freshman housing this week you can start to sense how each on campus housing option changes not just from room style but to personality and spirit! My freshman year, I got placed at the newest dorm on campus, Parkside …

BettyThe Suite Life of Freshman Year
Fluor Tower

Freshman Dorm: My Suite in Fluor Tower

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Even though it seems like forever ago, when I was a freshman I got lucky enough to live in Fluor Tower. It’s an on-campus residence hall, located on the northwest side of campus directly adjacent to both the student gym (Lyon Center) and the Engemann student health center. At 11 stories tall, it also gave me a great view of downtown …

MollyFreshman Dorm: My Suite in Fluor Tower
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Freshmen Year: Dorm Life

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Freshmen year was a different experience because everything I did was so different. I went from seeing the same people for the past 10 years at my school to seeing completely new faces. On top of that, I was in a different state, staying in a  different room, sleeping in a different bed, and in the same room as a …

FrankieFreshmen Year: Dorm Life
My freshman dorm!

Freshman Housing: New North!

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Blogged while listening to Taylor Swift 1989- I’m obsessed with Wildest Dream Hi Everyone! My freshman year I lived in New North Residential college in the North Area on campus! I had the absolute best time living there! New North is dorm style housing which means that there are several rooms that share one bathroom and common area in a …

Lyssa Aruda-2015Freshman Housing: New North!

The food side of Parkside!

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I can’t believe just a year ago I was packing up to move into my freshman dorm.  I’ve loved being able to live in the Parkside Arts and Humanities dorm my freshman year, not only for the air conditioning, suite style rooms, crazy talented people on the music floor, and all the friends I made, but for, my favorite part, …

BettyThe food side of Parkside!
First picture with my roommate, Kat!

Living in New/North My Freshman Year

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Hi everyone! It seems like everyone here at USC is currently working on figuring out where they are all going to live next year. Luckily for me, my roommate and I decided a while ago that we were going to live in the same apartment we’re in currently next year. It certainly makes things easy at the end of the …

SarahLiving in New/North My Freshman Year

My Freshman Year on BK2

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My freshman year I had the wonderful opportunity to live on the second floor of Birnkrant (BK), a co-ed honors dorm on campus located in McCarthy Quad.  Living in Birnkrant my freshman year was one of my best decisions! I loved all the people I lived with and I am still good friends with many of them.

LaurenMy Freshman Year on BK2

My USC Housing Freshman Year: New/North Dorms

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Freshman year, I would definitely describe my housing situation as the complete dorm experience. My dorm room had both girls and guys, it had communal bathrooms, and every room was a two-person room. Though many people feel a bit nervous or apprehensive about dorm-style living, I can honestly say that I would not have wanted my housing experience to be …

Lauren Pelo-2015My USC Housing Freshman Year: New/North Dorms

My Freshman Dorm : Trojan Hall

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Hey everyone! I cannot believe it is March already and almost spring break. This semester has been flying by! It feels like it wasn’t too long ago that I was living in the dorms on campus. My freshman year I lived in Trojan Hall, located by Exposition and Figueroa. I had a great experience living here and thought I would …

JacquieMy Freshman Dorm : Trojan Hall
BK4 Triple Study

My Freshman Housing: BK4

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Howdy everyone! Freshman year seems like just yesterday when I was living in Birnkrant and didn’t have to make my own breakfast! As it’s getting closer to next year, it’s time to start thinking about where we’re all gonna live next year, so I thought I’d take some time to tell you about my Freshman housing to help you in …

PatrickMy Freshman Housing: BK4

My USC Housing!

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Hey all! I have lived both in University-owned housing as well as private housing throughout my college years.  In my freshman year, I lived in Marks Hall, sophomore year in Troy East, and now I am currently living on 3oth street, one block from campus.  In all instances, I have had a positive and painless experience!

MarkusMy USC Housing!

My Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant!

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Hey guys! One of my favorite parts of freshman year was living in a dorm. I lived in Birnkrant, which was in the North area of campus, right next to the New/North dorms. Each floor was co-ed, with girls on one side and guys on the other. I absolutely loved it. Sharing close quarters with so many other people brought …

ArchanaMy Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant!

My Sophomore Housing: Troy East

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Hey guys! I hope things are going well. Only two weeks until Spring Break and I’m so excited! Now that spring is here it’s time to start thinking about housing again. Last year I blogged about my freshman housing in Birnkrant which you can read about here. This year I’m going to blog about my sophomore housing in Troy East.

JulianaMy Sophomore Housing: Troy East