Spring Study Playlist

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I’m one of those people who’s always listening to music. When I do homework, when I walk to class, when (well, if) I go to the gym, when I’m hanging out with friends, if I’m driving anywhere. I’ve found one of the great things about going to USC, a school in LA (home of Hollywood and record companies), is that …

EmilySpring Study Playlist
Who doesn't like $5 pancakes

Giving Back: Delta House of Pancakes

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One of the things I am most proud of my sorority for is our commitment to our philanthropy. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the national philanthropy of Delta Delta Delta. As a whole, Tri Delta chapters across the nation have raised millions for St. Jude. 4 years ago, we were challenged to raise $15 million in 5 years. We …

SarahGiving Back: Delta House of Pancakes
Operation VAMFA proposes to explore Venus' atmosphere.

Operation VAMFA and National Engineers Week

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Welcome to the thick of E-Week 2015! I love National Engineers Week because the week is a celebration of engineering. This week, I’ve eaten at the E-Week barbecue and laughed at the E-Week talent show. And tomorrow night, I cannot wait for the Viterbi Ball! To me, E-Week is more than just fun, interesting activities. E-Week reminds me why I …

AlexOperation VAMFA and National Engineers Week
Our finished circuit =)

My Favorite Engineering Project

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Hi everyone! Happy E-week! I’ve done a lot of cool engineering stuff in college so far, but one of my favorite projects I’ve ever done was building an electric guitar as part of my final project in a class I took last semester, EE202: Linear Circuits. All we were given was a cigar box, a long block of wood, strings, …

ArchanaMy Favorite Engineering Project
I love getting to hang out with all my engineering friends outside of class!

Viterbi Ball: The Best Part of EWeek!

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Hey everyone! Happy E Week! For those of you who don’t know, it’s national engineering week, a week where people all around the country celebrate engineering.  E Week is a pretty big festivity here at Viterbi, with events happening all week such as a kick-off carnival, quiz bowl, and a talent show. As great as all these things are though, …

SarahViterbi Ball: The Best Part of EWeek!
sushi burrito

Food Trucks in Los Angeles

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One of the many food phenomenons of the last few years that has been food trucks. They’re all over Food network and as a consequence they’re all over big cities, like LA. I’ve had the opportunity to try a few – some randomly when I’m out in the city (Amazebowls is one that hangs around campus a lot) and then there are food …

EmilyFood Trucks in Los Angeles
Engineering Week

Engineers Week at USC

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Engineers Week is a nation wide week aimed at celebrating engineers contributions to society. USC Viterbi school of Engineering takes part in this week by putting on its own engineers week for undergraduate engineering students. KIUEL which is one of the involvements I blogged about earlier is responsible for putting on events every day for engineers week. All events can …

BettyEngineers Week at USC

My New Job: Course Producer

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Hey everyone! This week I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my new job that I started this semester – being a Course Producer for CSCI 103: Introduction to Programming. One of the great things about the way CS courses are structured here is that many of them have very large instructional staff to give students the most …

EllenMy New Job: Course Producer

Brunch LA

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With Dine LA going on just a few weeks ago, one thing to look forward to over the weekends (and this upcoming one being a long one) is brunch. Los Angeles is  a hotspot for some of California’s best brunch places.  Get a snapshot of the top 3 below: 1. Larchmont Bungalow: red and blue velvet pancakes? you can find …

HannahBrunch LA

Chemistry in Aromas

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One of the most difficult but most interesting classes I have experienced at USC is Organic Chemistry. The subject is a fascinating puzzle of breaking bonds and making bonds in order to form a product. To be honest, I wondered what the practical applications of it were…but then my friend showed me an article about the chemicals behind the aroma …

ArchanaChemistry in Aromas

My Weekend Plans!

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Hey guys! It’s hard to believe that as I’m writing this I’m setting out in the Engineering Quad right next to the fountain in a dress. It’s 82 outside today, and the weather is absolutely amazing! It’s certainly doesn’t feel like a typically February day. I fully plan on taking advantage of this weather during our three day weekend this …

SarahMy Weekend Plans!

People from Other Majors Wish they could B-ME!

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Hi guys!   This I wanted to talk solely about biomedical engineering, the best major at the University of Southern California. One of the best things about this major is that you get a great insight to a LOT of different areas of science and engineering. And what I mean by that is you get to take a bunch of different …

JordanPeople from Other Majors Wish they could B-ME!
Prague Castle

First time in Europe

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Hey guys, It’s been awhile, but I wanted to update you with what I did over winter break! In short, it was fantastic! I actually spent the majority of my time in Europe visiting my brother who studies at the University of Copenhagen! On our trip, we visited Germany, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, seeing Berlin, Prague, and Budapest along the …

JordanFirst time in Europe

First Year Housing: Birnkrant

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Hey everyone! This week I’m going to reminisce a little bit about my freshman dorm room.  Even though I only lived there last year, it seems like such a long time ago! My dorm room was in Birnkrant Residential College, which is the dorm building reserved for incoming freshman with merit scholarships.  It’s located on the northeast corner of campus, …

EllenFirst Year Housing: Birnkrant
BK 2

My Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant

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A lot of people would probably be surprised to hear that I loved living in a dorm my freshman year. It was definitely a huge part of what made my experience at USC so much fun. I had the opportunity to live in Birnkrant AKA Birnkrant Residential College AKA BK. Birnkrant is right next to the dining hall EVK and …

EmilyMy Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant

Way Back Wednesday: Freshman Year in New North

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Hey Everyone! Hope you all watched the super bowl this past weekend. I was shocked at how the game ended! Anyways, everyone around campus is currently in the process of figuring out where we are going to live next year. This got me thinking back to how excited I was to start figuring out where I wanted to live freshman …

SarahWay Back Wednesday: Freshman Year in New North
Artificial Finger

What I’m Actually Learning in Class: BME 201

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BME 201 has the formal title “Biomedical Engineering Practice.” It’s a rather broad title, that could mean a lot of different things. How to get a job in BME, what BMEs actually learn, what the field is comprised of, etc. The class isn’t a traditional class: take notes, do the homework, take the test, lather rinse repeat. Instead it’s a …

EmilyWhat I’m Actually Learning in Class: BME 201
The lab I worked in freshman and sophomore year!

My Research Experience: From Engines to Nail Polish

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  Hey everyone! Happy hump day. Today, I wanted to take a little time to talk about the various research projects I have been involved with thus far. I knew in high school that I wanted to get involved in research as soon as possible. In fact, the fact that I could start working under a professor in their lab …

SarahMy Research Experience: From Engines to Nail Polish

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

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When I applied to USC one of the reasons was that I saw so many opportunities of clubs and activities that I could do in and outside of Viterbi. Options ranging from: hands-on learning in the Rocket Propulsion Lab (RPL) and USC Racing, to academic organizations like the National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE) and the Center for Engineering …

IanGet Outside Your Comfort Zone