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What I’m Actually Learning in Class: BME 201

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BME 201 has the formal title “Biomedical Engineering Practice.” It’s a rather broad title, that could mean a lot of different things. How to get a job in BME, what BMEs actually learn, what the field is comprised of, etc. The class isn’t a traditional class: take notes, do the homework, take the test, lather rinse repeat. Instead it’s a …

EmilyWhat I’m Actually Learning in Class: BME 201
The lab I worked in freshman and sophomore year!

My Research Experience: From Engines to Nail Polish

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  Hey everyone! Happy hump day. Today, I wanted to take a little time to talk about the various research projects I have been involved with thus far. I knew in high school that I wanted to get involved in research as soon as possible. In fact, the fact that I could start working under a professor in their lab …

SarahMy Research Experience: From Engines to Nail Polish

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

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When I applied to USC one of the reasons was that I saw so many opportunities of clubs and activities that I could do in and outside of Viterbi. Options ranging from: hands-on learning in the Rocket Propulsion Lab (RPL) and USC Racing, to academic organizations like the National Organization for Business and Engineering (NOBE) and the Center for Engineering …

IanGet Outside Your Comfort Zone

Why I Love Living in my Sorority

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Coming to a school where you don’t know anyone can be intimidating, but dorm life really helped me with that adjustment (which I’ll talk more about next week). After a semester in my dorm, I became hooked on the idea of sharing my living space with my friends, so I moved into my sorority! After 5 semesters living in my sorority, …

MollyWhy I Love Living in my Sorority

The Nature of Competition

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Hi guys! Colleges and college students often raise the topic of competition as a natural selection method for determining the best and brightest in a class.  Coming from high school and playing sports, I have always bought into this idea of competition.  May the best man win has wormed its way into my mindset and perspective towards academics and life. …

MarkusThe Nature of Competition
Mehfil: SCIA's first event of the semester!

Spring Semester Shenanigans

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Welcome to a new semester! After a fun winter break, I’m happy to say that I’m really excited for the classes that I’m going to take this semester. One class I’m taking, Medical Electronics, applies many of the concepts from my Linear Circuits class (that I took last semester) to medical devices. It’s cool to finally connect some different aspects …

ArchanaSpring Semester Shenanigans
McCarthy Quad 2

Looking Forward to Spring 2015

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I can’t believe it’s already the beginning of a new semester! After almost a month of relaxing back home in Florida, I couldn’t be happier to be back at school. Spring semester marks the start of new classes, perfect weather, and all of my favorite spring activities! The main reason I’m excited for the semester is my amazing schedule. As …

MollyLooking Forward to Spring 2015
Crepes at the Closing Ceremony (:

Highlights of Fall 2014

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This semester I developed more skills outside of the classroom than I did in my freshman year, and noticed a lot of growth in terms of how much I can handle at once. My days were jam packed with student organization activities and events, and my classes took a step up in difficulty. The new challenges are what has made …

CalvinHighlights of Fall 2014
USC Football Tailgate

My Top Ten Favorite Moments of the Semester

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It’s now December which means the semester is coming to a close and I have no idea where it went. It’s a bittersweet time of year. I’m not ready to be reach another milestone that means I I won’t be in college forever, but I’m so excited for Christmas and for the new semester. That being said, I’ve had a …

EmilyMy Top Ten Favorite Moments of the Semester

Highlights of Fall Semester

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This semester has been crazy busy, but still so amazing. As finals approach I am reflecting on all of the opportunities I’ve had this semester, and all the amazing events that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of and attend. Here are the top 10 moments of this semester! 1. VPC Retreat I already blogged about the Viterbi …

BettyHighlights of Fall Semester

Top 10 Moments of Fall Semester

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I can’t believe we’re already at the end of another semester! It’s been an awesome few months, and I’ve made a lot of new memories. While there have been way too many amazing moments to count, here are my top 10 from this semester. 1. Watching us beat Notre Dame at the last football game Instead of flying back to Florida …

MollyTop 10 Moments of Fall Semester

Top 10 Best Moments First Semester

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1. Going to the beach This year I got to go to the beach a record amount of the times with my family and friends. When I first moved out here, I went with my family. Then throughout the semester I have been able to make it to the beach a record 3 times this year. 2. First Troy Camp …

FrankieTop 10 Best Moments First Semester

Exciting Projects: Bottle Rockets

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This semester I’m taking AME 309, Dynamics of Fluids. I know what you’re thinking, “ew,” it was my same thought when I saw that I needed to take it this year. The class is challenging, that is no question, but all of the learning that we have done so far has culminated with one really fun project: building a bottle …

IanExciting Projects: Bottle Rockets

Exploration Destination: West Hollywood

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It wasn’t until last year that I really took a look at the opportunities outside of campus, and before this summer I’m not sure I could’ve told you half of the places I know of now. That said, one place in particular has captured my fancy, and that’s West Hollywood. Now, if you’ve heard anything about LA you have probably …

IanExploration Destination: West Hollywood
Valerie Grand Central Market

My Favorite Place in LA: Grand Central Market

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As a self-proclaimed foodie it’s no surprise that one of my favorite places in Los Angeles is Grand Central Market. It’s basically an open floor plan of vendors for food. If you’ve ever been to Philadelphia it’s a like a smaller version of Reading Terminal Market (if you’re in Philadelphia and haven’t tried it, I highly recommend Beck’s Cajun Cafe …

EmilyMy Favorite Place in LA: Grand Central Market
Third Street Promenade is lined with stores!

A Day Trip to Santa Monica

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Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends as much as I did. It was my mom’s 51st birthday on Friday so I got to spend lots of time with my family. We celebrated with a trendy brunch on Sunday at Sonoma Wine Garden, which was located at the top of the Santa Monica Place Outdoor Mall. Following our …

JacquieA Day Trip to Santa Monica
Getty Museum 3

Exploring LA: The Getty Museum

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Hey everyone! After an awesomely busy parents’ weekend, I’m back to tell you guys about another one of my favorite places that I’ve found in Los Angeles: The Getty Museum! A scenic half-hour drive north of campus, it’s always a nice place to hang out with friends or visiting family. The Getty Museum is in the Santa Monica mountains, just …

MollyExploring LA: The Getty Museum
Beyonce Concert Rose Bowl

My favorite LA hobby, going to concerts!

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Living in the suburbs of LA my whole life, I always had to make the hour (or two hours in traffic) trek to LA to see concerts. Now that I live in the heart of downtown LA, I am just a couple metro stops from the Staples Center, and a few more stops to the Pantages Theater or the Palladium …

BettyMy favorite LA hobby, going to concerts!
USC Rocket Lab

USC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory

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Hi guys! There are so many different ways to become involved on campus, that you cannot go wrong!  I took an interest in rocket vehicles and joined the Rocket Propulsion Laboratory to really get some quality hands-on experience.  The Rocket Propulsion Lab is looking to be the first student organization into space.  It is completely student run where we design, …

MarkusUSC Rocket Propulsion Laboratory