Trekking to Cal: The Weekender

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Every year, USC students travel up to northern California when the Trojans play Stanford or Cal and this year Maria, Hannah and I road tripped to Berkeley, CA! This was my first weekender trip every and going with them made the 6 hour drive seem like nothing. My best friend goes to Berkeley so she let us crash at her …

Bikes on campus

The Struggle of Transportation

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When you walk around SC’s campus, you’ll notice three main modes of transportation for students: walking, biking, and longboarding. Each of them has their pros and cons, and I thought I’d share some tips and tricks about each.   Walking is, obviously, the easiest, safest option. It’s easy to dodge rogue bikers and longboarders. You don’t have to lock up …

crs-1 launch

Trekking to Mars: SpaceX and My Experience with Career Searching

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This summer I managed to secure a dream internship in SpaceX’s purchasing department. Beyond the daily duties required as an associate buyer, my main task was creating a comprehensive spreadsheet of all the materials used in the composites sub assemblies of the Falcon 9 rocket. While this was a lot of digging through the SpaceX files and contacting vendors for materials …

OS Topics

Summer Series: OS

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I decided to take Operating Systems this summer, as I knew I was going to be in Los Angeles and figured it couldn’t hurt to knock out one of the “heavy hitter” classes in the curriculum while I was here. Between Ponder (see Part 1), my other projects (Parts 3 and 4), and this class, I’ve definitely had my hands …


Chevron Round 2

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Missed the last chevron experience? Check it out here. Or keep reading! Back for another summer in Bakersfield California at Chevron as a Reservoir Engineer, I have so much to share.  Reservoir Engineering is a branch of petroleum engineering that analyzes drainage problems during developing, expanding, and producing oil or gas from a reservoir.  The goal is to maximize efficiency …


1st Annual KIUEL Choice Awards

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Last night KIUEL held the first annual KIUEL Choice Awards! Viterbi already holds various award ceremonies, but KIUEL wanted to create an award show completely dedicated to all of the amazing Viterbi Student Organizations. We handed out 11 awards which were awarded based on nominations and their end of the year reports. It was a great night to end the …

freshman year 3

My Advice to Freshmen

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Okay, is anyone nervous about starting college? Don’t even worry. I was, too. Here are a few things I wish I knew when I came to college. 1. Get involved. Some of my closest friends and the coolest people I’ve met were found due to the organizations I got involved in. I joined a few clubs that appealed to my …

USC Game Day

My Advice for Freshman Year

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It’s really weird for me to think that in a few short weeks, I’ll be a junior in college. It’s something people say over and over again that the time will fly by, but it’s true. Some days I think back to orientation and I can’t believe that was almost two years ago. Of course, other times it also seems …


Why I Chose USC

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There were 4 main things I was looking for in my college experience. 1. Academics The first was that I wanted to go to a school with a rigorous engineering program because that was my intended study, but also had a good reputation for other academic programs like business and arts and sciences just in case I decided after getting to college that …

Studying the rate of reaction of phenolphthaleine

Applying Theory: Chemical Engineering 444aL

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Throughout my time as an undergraduate so far, all of our chemistry classes have had lab sections attached to them, but none of the main chemical engineering courses have had a lab section attached except for introduction to chemical engineering and my nanotechnology classes. We’ve learned a lot of theory so far, but have not had a chance to apply …