USC, More Than an Engineering School

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Two years ago, at approximately this time, I sat in the same position as many high school seniors sit now. My mailbox began to fill with college admission decisions, and I, both excitedly and slightly anxiously, started the process of determining which university I would attend in the fall. After making multiple tables that used numerical scores to rank my …

Recent Excitement: My Plans for Spring Break 2014 and My New Minor

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Hey guys! I hope things are going well. I’m currently sitting in the Los Angeles International Airport, more affectionate known as LAX, waiting for my (delayed) flight home to Portland. On the bright side, it’s only delayed by 25 minutes, and that just gives me 25 more minutes to blog, right? Anyways, back to the reason I’m hanging out at …

My Freshman Year on BK2

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My freshman year I had the wonderful opportunity to live on the second floor of Birnkrant (BK), a co-ed honors dorm on campus located in McCarthy Quad.  Living in Birnkrant my freshman year was one of my best decisions! I loved all the people I lived with and I am still good friends with many of them.

My Freshman Dorm: Birnkrant!

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Hey guys! One of my favorite parts of freshman year was living in a dorm. I lived in Birnkrant, which was in the North area of campus, right next to the New/North dorms. Each floor was co-ed, with girls on one side and guys on the other. I absolutely loved it. Sharing close quarters with so many other people brought …

My Freshman Housing Experience – Parkside International Residence College

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Hey Guys, This week I wanted to talk to you about my freshman housing experience at the International Residence College (otherwise known as Parkside). The basic setup for the dorm is a suite-style, which means you will be living in a suite that has four different rooms, each with two people. In total, there are about a two hundred people …

Planning My Fraternity’s Philanthropy

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This semester, the president and executive board of my fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu, appointed me vice-philanthropy chair. In high school, I had truly enjoyed participating in community service. I loved spending hours serving free coffee and donuts to travelers along Interstate 84 in Connecticut with my Boy Scout troop, and I eventually became an Eagle Scout with the completion of …

Making My Own Social Network

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Happy National Engineering Week, or better known around Viterbi as EWeek! This is one of the best weeks of the year with tons of activities throughout the week to celebrate the occasion. There was a carnival, talent show, quiz bowl, and tonight is Viterbi Ball! It truly is a great week here at Viterbi.

Why Engineering: Research

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Hey guys! Happy E-Week! I realized it’s been while since I gave you guys and update on my research, so in honor of this week I’m going to blog about my on-campus engineering research on computational modeling of cancer cell movement. I’ve blogged about this topic a few times in the past (check out the reasons I love doing research …

The Perks of Being an Engineer: Viterbi Life @ USC

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Hey guys, This week I’d like to talk about some of the most interesting engineering-related things that I have been involved with and that I find extremely interesting. On campus there are a myriad of different hands on activities that you can be a part off. You can get involved in research, experiments, labs, internships, class projects, jobs, and more

Lost in a Virtual World

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Every spring semester, towards the end of February, USC’s entire Viterbi school of engineering comes together to celebrate engineering in a spectacular week-long celebration known as E-Week. In honor of E-Week, I would like to celebrate my own achievements, and neat research, in the engineering world, particularly a research project I just started working on this semester. Over the past …