The Easiest (and possibly most important) Choice of my Life!

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I remember applying to so many different universities my senior year in high school, and they mostly followed a few trends – a large university with many opportunities located in a city.  As acceptances rolled in, I had to make a huge decision.  In the end, I decided on USC, but what about USC sealed the deal for me?

I came to campus the spring of my senior year for Explore USC.  I remember being so impressed when I stepped foot on campus – not only because of the physical attractiveness of the campus, but also because of the vibrant student life that was so evident.  There was so much hustle and bustle, students walking around campus, student orgs tabling on Trousdale, and an overall feeling of high student involvement.  Since I was really involved in high school, this was really attractive to me, since I knew I wanted to continue my campus involvement into college.

One of my favorite courtyards of USC!

One of my favorite courtyards of USC!

Lovely shot of Bovard Auditorium

Lovely shot of Bovard Auditorium


Aside from the large amount of opportunities available on campus, I also liked the high importance of academics here at USC.  I was a very serious student in high school, and I took my academics very seriously.  I took very challenging courses and always did my best to excel in them.  When I met other kids on the Explore program, I could tell that they were just as serious about their academics as I was.  I really wanted to be surrounded with other intelligent and caring students in college, and I found that at USC.

Since choosing USC, I always tell people that I chose the best school for me, and I am so happy with my decision.  For me, it was a pretty clear cut decision, and I’m glad it was so easy for me to make the right decision on such an important matter.


Good luck with your college search, and I hope you end up falling in love with USC as much as I did!



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