Classic LA: Hollywood Hike with SWE!

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Although I’ve been in LA for just shy of 4 years at this point, the iconic LA sights never bore me.  Something you have to check out when you are in LA is the Hollywood Sign Hike!  I just went this past weekend with SWE, and it was such a blast.

Along with the professional, leadership and community outreach events that SWE puts on, we also execute social events off campus, to provide the opportunity for members to escape campus (as beautiful and awesome as it is, it’s nice to have a change of pace).

We had such a great turnout for this event!  We had 6 drivers and took around 23 SWE girls.  We took plenty of photos on the way up to the Hollywood Sign, and had awesome views of the LA Basin.  It was a remarkably clear day, which isn’t all too common in hazy LA!  On top of it, the sun was shining and all of us managed to work a tan in there while getting some exercise in.

The Hollywood Hikers

The Hollywood Hikers

Afterwards, we went to In-N-Out Burger to get some amazing Southern California fast food.  This is some of the best stuff, people!  I never turn down the opportunity to get In-N-Out.

How delicious does that look??

How delicious does that look??

I had such a great Saturday doing classic LA things with my awesome SWEsters!  Now I’m just looking forward to spring break in which my dear friend from New Jersey is going to visit me, and I’ll have even more opportunities to show her around LA.

Talk to you guys next time!


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