My Advice to Freshmen: Find Your Passion!

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Student orgs.  Research opportunities.  Club sports.  Welcome back concerts. Sororities.  Fraternities.  Football season tickets.  Beach outings.  Seth Meyers comedy show.  USC has it all.  And if you’re anything like me, you’re going to want to do it all, believe me!  But it’s all about finding what excites you most; that’s what’s going to drive you and make you become the …

The Easiest (and possibly most important) Choice of my Life!

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I remember applying to so many different universities my senior year in high school, and they mostly followed a few trends – a large university with many opportunities located in a city.  As acceptances rolled in, I had to make a huge decision.  In the end, I decided on USC, but what about USC sealed the deal for me?

My Weekend: DTLA Historic Tour, Grand Central Market, Syrup Desserts and The Last Bookstore

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Last weekend was so much fun!  I spent the day downtown with some friends and visited places I’ve never been before.  I started off the day doing a tour of the Downtown Historic District from the LA Conservancy, then ate lunch at Grand Central Market, stopped for some coffee at Syrup, and then checked out The Last Bookstore.  All of …

Here it is! My Top 10 Memories of Fall 2013

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Hey guys!  This has been one of the craziest semesters, and I can’t believe that it is already the last week of class!  The busy-ness of the semester definitely kept me occupied and made it fly by.  After reflecting upon it, I have come up of a countdown of my top 10 memories of this semester.

My Past 2 Weekends – Navy ROTC Ball and Chicago!

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I had such a fun time these past two weekends!  Last weekend I went with a friend to the Navy ROTC Birthday Ball, and this past weekend I went to Chicago for a final round interview, and while I was there, I spent some time with my brother and his girlfriend, who live and work there full time.  Luckily, while …

Special Events Committee Presents: The Extreme USC Challenge

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As a part of the USC Program Board Special Events Committee, I helped out with an event this past Saturday called the Extreme USC Challenge.  It was an awesome competition with 10 different teams of 4 players, performing crazy stunts and challenges in order to win gift cards, Google headphones, music festival tickets, flight vouchers, and the grand prize of …

My Friend’s Senior Flute Recital!

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Hey everyone!  Just this past week my good friend from freshman year had her senior flute recital.  She was one of my suitemates in Parkside, and we have kept up over the past couple of years.  Each year, she has recitals to show off all that she has been working on for the past several months.  She always amazes me …

My Favorite Student Involvement: Program Board Special Events Committee

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Hey all!  I would love to tell you all about one of my favorite student organizations on campus – Program Board Special Events Committee!  Program Board, or PB for short, is a collection of several different committees that get funded to put on events for USC Students for FREE!  Some of these boards are: Special Events, Concerts, Trojan Pride, Performing …

My Favorite Class: Engineering Database Applications

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Hey everyone! One of my favorite classes this semester is in the ITP (Information Technology Program) department.  It is called Engineering Database Applications, and we are learning how to make a dynamic website for a nonprofit client that services children.  I think this class perfectly exemplifies the spirit and culture of USC.  The spirit of being a ‘good neighbor’ is …

USC Catholic Center Alumni BBQ

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Hey everyone! Last weekend was the Catholic Center Alumni BBQ.  All of the alumni from the Center were invited back to campus the day of the home game against Utah State.  It was so great seeing and catching up with all of my old friends again from the past couple of years.  It’s always cool to see what my alumni …