From internships to post graduation

Viterbi Career Resources

Find out how USC helps you to find and plan for your dream future. Read about what we’ve done and what some of us plan to do after graduation. Also be share to check out all the resources available to helping you!

Corporate Events

We’ve taken advantage of a variety of events hosted by Career Services like the Viterbi Career Conference and the Viterbi Industry Networking Night. Read about how we’ve networked with industry representatives to learn more about the opportunities available and to get any of our questions answered!

Professional and Diversity Orgs

Professional and diversity orgs often provide career development workshops and give you direct access to top companies. They also travel around the country for larger conferences and career fairs. Learn about how Shana scored her first internship at the National Society of Black Engineers conference.

Viterbi Career Services

The Career Services office hosts a variety of resume reviews, mock interview workshops and one on one advising. Read more about our experiences with Viterbi Career Services and how its helped us throughout the journey.

Discover how to land a job with Michael at the Viterbi Career Fair

Attending a career fair is just one way to land a job. Check out the tips below for other ways to network and find opportunities.

  • Professors

    Talk to your professor about any connections they may have

  • Upperclassmen

    Talk to your classmates and upperclassmen about their experiences.


I had a great internship at Northrop Grumman working as a Software Engineer. My favorite moment from the summer was connecting with a recent Viterbi alumna who is now very successful at NGC. She gave me great advice on navigating the rest of college and choosing a career that is the best fit for me.Natalie, Computer Science Business Administration '19
Meet Natalie

From startups to tech giants, our students have interned across the globe.

How to land an internship

Companies our students have interned at

  • Tech

    Microsoft, Google, Facebook

  • Defense

    Raytheon, Northrup Grumman

  • Aerospace

    Boeing, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Aerospace Corp

  • Environmental

    Ramboll Environ

  • Finance

    Visa, AltaCorp Capital

Read about our Internship Experiences

Life After Graduation

Now what? Learn about our plans for after graduation. There’s hundreds of different paths to take and we have just a few to share with you. From moving up north to across the country to going corporate to starting our own companies, there are so many possibilities.

Try new organizations, apply for that job you never thought you would ever get, and little by little, your actions and their outcomes will align with your dreams.
Masters or Ph.D.
You’ll find out about more opportunities your major has to offer that you might have not known about in the beginning!
Progressive Degree Program
Progressive degree program allows you to take graduate level courses starting your senior year so that you can finish up and receive a Masters degree in only an extra year.
“I am ready to make my mark in the world. Create value in a traditional market and give more back to society than I consume. A number of things are on the table. I’m considering going back into industry to work with Northrop Grumman Aerospace Corporation” – Markus ’15

“I always had an interest in pharmaceuticals and biochemistry, and I sought out experience in that field. After a summer at a biotechnology company and a summer of biochemical engineering research, I felt like my heart was in getting a PhD, and continuing on with academic research. I enjoy the lab setting, and I enjoy designing experiments with the constraints of the human body.” -Makana ’15

“I am enrolled in USC’s Progressive Degree program which will allow me to get my masters degree with only one year of study after I complete my undergraduate degree.” – Brenton ’14