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Now that I am on the other side of college decisions it’s fun to look back and think about the whole process. For a good chunk of your junior and senior years of high school the college application process really takes over your life. You’re worried about taking the SAT, writing good essays, researching different universities and their programs. Honestly, it was pretty overwhelming, but it’s all worth it when you finally get decisions back from colleges. Then comes another task.. picking from the universities which you got accepted into.

I definitely felt the pressure of picking the university that was right for me. I remember worrying about how this decision would determine the next four years of my life. I definitely over-dramatized the decision-making process in my mind. Essentially, I was trying to figure out where I would be happiest, enjoy myself, and be academically challenged. I was always intrigued by my math and science classes throughout high school, but at the same time I was really involved in performing and visual arts, so I knew that to be happy I needed an educational balance that would satisfy both parts of my brain. I found this perfect balance at USC, where you’re encouraged to find the cross-curricular connections within and beyond your engineering classes.

Me visiting USC for the first time

Tour of USC’s Doheny Library! I could totally picture myself studying there and know I do!

A huuge component that factored into choosing the right school was visiting the campus. I tried to go to each school that accepted me and really took the moments on campus to analyze whether I pictured myself amongst the students going to class. There was an undeniable feeling of belonging when I stepped on the USC campus for the first time. Everyone seemed happy and excited to help me find my way around campus or share their experience as a student. More than any other school it really felt that everyone was genuinely happy despite having difficult exams to study for. Now that I attend USC, I’ve realized how true that is, and I can’t really picture myself at a more perfect school where everyone is excited to succeed together rather than compete against one another, where research experiences are available from the very beginning, and where you’re able to explore any and all of your interests.



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Camila is a sophomore studying Civil Engineering. She loves the ocean and puppies. Click above to find out more.

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