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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and since it is my senior year I’ve been extremely reflective about my time at USC. I thought it would be nice to reflect on the things throughout my college experience which I am thankful for:

  • Civil Engineering Community: I couldn’t even imagine a better group of people to have in my classes. We all come from different backgrounds and even though we are in the same major have different aspirations as to where our degree can take us. I have been both challenged and supported by my classmates and I cannot wait to see how our futures will turn out.
  • Building Science program: I came to USC not really knowing what I wanted to study, but I found the perfect fit in the Building Science emphasis. I’ve developed my own creative ideas thanks to studio projects and I can say that because of the program I have a portfolio of work that is 100% mine that I am extremely proud of.  On top of this, there are only 7 students in my year and I without a doubt consider them some of my best friends. They make me want to work harder when I am with their company and overall I feel they’ve helped me find myself through the support they have given me. This goes for building science professors as well. I can see how they are invested in their students beyond just the classroom, but as people who can become leaders in the industry in the future.
  • SHPE-USC: Because of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at USC (SHPE-USC) I feel like I have both developed professionally, by learning how to approach networking in a genuine and honest way, and have formed life-long friendships.
  • La Foto de Lara: Outside of civil engineering there’s an incredible group of friends which have both taught me so much about life and created unforgettable memories with. I am thankful for their constant search for adventure and moments shared as a group as well as individually with each of them.

I’m nervous to leave because of the uncertainties faced when you enter a new chapter in your life, but I’m confident that I have the resources and support system, that I’ve gained from USC, to create the future that I want for myself post-graduation.

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Camila is a senior studying Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Building Science. Click above to find out more!

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