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Before this summer I never imagined myself working in New York City. I always saw myself as someone too layed back for the hustle in bustle of the Big Apple, but to my surprise I ended up loving it and how much I walked/saw on a daily basis!

I was in New York as the Sustainability Consulting Intern for Arup. Arup is a multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firm with offices all over the world, and I am extremely happy to have worked for them. Working for Arup had been a dream of mine since Freshman year because when I looked at the companies behind projects in the built environment that I really admired, Arup seemed to be involved in the majority of them. They are the engineers behind the completion of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona as well as other iconic projects around the world.

On the Sustainability team a lot of our work was focused around energy and carbon emissions. Clients would contract Arup to help them determine a roadmap to carbon emission reductions, inform early stage design for building efficiency, or other sustainability tasks such as reaching a certain certification (LEED, WELL, etc.) While some of the skills learned in my classes came in handy, I learned a lot about energy systems and climate analysis in a new and applied way beyond what we learn in class. I’m excited to see how much more I will learn as I continue my professional career post-graduation!

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