Seaside Adventures Around LA

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One of the coolest things about exploring Los Angeles is that you never know what you’re going to run into. I am definitely a beach person, so on the weekends I tend to look for little beach escapes around Los Angeles. Most recently I’ve gone to Point Dume Beach and Santa Monica, and both of those times I ran into some unexpected sights.

I was doing the Point Dume hike in Malibu, around 45 min away from campus and saw a whale, dolphins, and sea lions! It was incredible, and definitely one of the most beautiful weekends while at ‘SC. It also happened to be Earth Day, and I got to see amazing, wild sea creatures. It’s kind of hard to see them in pictures, but the locals told me that it’s pretty common to see them around this time of the year, so I definitely recommend checking that out if you get the chance! Apart from the sea animals I got to see, just the combination of mountains, ocean, and flowers was beautiful in itself.

The next weekend, I went to Santa Monica, just a couple metro stops away from USC, where I accidentally went to a Yoga Festival. (Side Note: I love the metro, it helps efficiency and the environment! Public transit is the future ! #CivilEngineering)  It was awesome because they were giving out free tote bags, tumblers, juices, and had free yoga classes. It was totally unexpected, but I feel like there are always cool events happening around LA that you can always run into. Check out a quick video I made going to Santa Monica on the metro! 

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