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Oftentimes, there’s this stigma that if you study engineering it becomes your whole life between going to your math and science intensive classes and studying for them. I have found the opposite to be true. Every semester, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and explore subjects outside my major. Along with really cool classes in Viterbi I’ve taken Intro to Cinema, Yoga, Sailing, Architecture, and Geology classes all held in their respective Film, Physical Education, Nautical Science, Architecture, and Geology schools within USC. This diversity in classes, I feel, have allowed me to be mentally and physically balanced. I’ve been able to physically exercise as well as learn from the incredible faculty in each of the schools.

I remember vividly walking out of Intro to Cinema for the first time, we had just watched Singing in the Rain in its original 35 mm film in Norris Theater. I walked out and the sun was shining through the trees adjacent to the building. It was my first semester at USC, and as I was walking back to my dorm I felt for the first time that I was 100% at the right school for me. Where else would I be able to supplement my engineering classes and be taught a deep appreciation for the arts through experiences like the one I just had?

I’ve made it a commitment to take a class purely for fun every semester since then, and because of it I’ve been able to learn about myself, the arts, and explore Los Angeles. My Sailing class ended with a two-day sailing trip to Catalina Island, through my first Architecture class at USC I was able to visit iconic houses by Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra, and these are only a couple of the experiences that have come from these classes. This commitment has been really easy to follow as I feel that there is room in my course plan that allows, and even encourages me to continue exploring.


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Camila is a sophomore studying Civil Engineering. She loves the ocean and puppies. Click above to find out more.

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