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Hey there, I’m Camila! Welcome to my student page. I’m a Colombian from Weston, Florida, studying Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Building Science. At USC, I’m the Vice President of Public Relations for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and Symposium Chair for the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) where I am also on the Design-Build team! Over the past couple of summers, I’ve done research abroad in China where I studied the development of bamboo for structural applications, and an internship at Arup, one of the leading companies in the built environment. There’s so much food and culture in LA, so every weekend I try to go somewhere new! Whether it’s nearby hikes, ice cream shops, or art museums, there’s never a shortage of places and experiences to explore. Check out #myViterbiLife below!

My Favorite Places in LA


I am the Vice President of External Relations for SHPE, an organization that aims to help an underrepresented minority to succeed professionally and give back to the community. SHPE has so many amazing components to it. It puts on outreach events that teach elementary to high school students about engineering as well as networking hours which help memebers create connections with companies they want to work with. Furthermore, there are a lot of fun social events!
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There are a lot of cool courses you can take at USC that aren’t necessarily Major-related. This fall I will be taken the Nautical Science class where they teach you the principles of sailing in 5 classes and then you go on a two day sailing trip! There are three courses total, each one more involved on the water than the next and I plan on taking them all and continuing to sail 🙂
This summer I did research with USC Professor Yan Xiao in Nanjing, China. The program is a unique international summer research program where students research the development of bamboo based materials for structural applications, design and construction of a glubam based residential house. The program is pays for airfare and lodging and students can get one unit for directed research (CE490), upon submitting a final report at the end of the scholarship. So essentially I got to go to China for free to do really cool research and get class credit for it!

My Major at USC: Civil Engineering

My Favorite Classes
This was definitely one of my favorite classes because we got to learn how to use AutoCAD and Revit to make realistic, civil designs. As our final project we designed our dream house and rendered it realistically through Revit!
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My Tips for You

Application Essays

Make sure to give yourself time to write your essays. For me it was helpful to write them early and come back to them a week or two later to make sure what I wanted to say was clear and that it sounded like me.

Application Extracurriculars

Talk about your favorite involvements, not just things that you think other people will be impressed by. You will be surprised what can spark conversation/make you stand out!

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Two Truths and a Lie

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My Favorite Shows

  • Mad Men comments on America’s consumeristic culture brought to you by the ad men in the 1960s and 70s whose jobs are to sell you products. However, it does so in a smart, subtle, and funny way.

  • The Office never fails to make me laugh. They actually filmed one of the scenes where Jim visits Pam at art school on campus in Marks Tower!