Leadership isn’t just something on your resume

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The best types of students at USC are those that lead by example. They do not try to preach how to act or what to do. They aren’t hypocritical or antagonistic. Instead, they are they people that pursue their interests to the fullest.They lead, not because they like power, but because they love what they do. I noticed this about USC the second I came on campus. The students I met were involved in clubs and organizations that interested them and you could tell by how much they love to talk about them. It inspired me to come here and be a part of whatever made me happy not what fluffed my resume.

That is what good leaders do, they inspire through action. No one told me what I needed to participate in and no one thought it was weird I wanted to take dance classes, work in the arts, and be an electrical engineer. By choosing what I loved and pursuing my interests to the fullest I feel I have done what the leaders before me did. I want to be able to share that you can do what you love and it doesn’t have to make sense. I chose to work for different offices on campus where I could help other people feel like they belong because I felt I owed the people I looked up to here. I was so in awe of USC students and wanted others to get that chance too. I tried to just be the best version of myself, doing what I loved, and hoped that would inspire others to do the same. 

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