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Junior year of high school is the year that the pressure is on to be an adult as college looms ever closer. So, for that spring break I suggested my friends and I write a travel diary, which basically was this giant 84 page google doc with different entries written by me and my friends. This was actually incredibly helpful in trying to find an authentic writing voice for college essays and has been a fun thing to look back on. Now that my friends all live in different parts of the country if not different countries, we have committed to doing this again to document our college shenanigans. I hope you enjoy this excerpt of my college tour to Carnegie Mellon, a school I ended up not even applying to. 

“Finally got to Pittsburg after a really bad delay due to snow?!?! We missed our tour of Carnegie, so everything is going to get pushed back a day, woo hoo. My time at the airport was not put to ill-use since I spent hours finishing my Chinese assignments. Zaijian(再见) to that class! Now for the freezing weather of Pittsburg, go steelers! Just got back to the hotel, had an amazing dinner in an incredible city! Pittsburg feels exactly like the 1890s; it’s totally the 2nd industrialization mixed with a few hipsters and a gorgeous view.

Dinner was to die for! I ate the sushi and fish tacos so fast I forgot to take a photo, oops. The restaurant was half fish market half sit down and the sushi was the best I have ever had(unlike some, I haven’t been to Japan). Tomorrow an early tour of Carnegie Mellon and a great day wandering around Pittsburg. Goodnight to my well traveled and sleepless friends!”

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