Fear Factor: Taking a Writing Class in College

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The intro writing class (WRIT 150) required of everyone at USC has a bad reputation, so I assumed this was going to be one of my least favorite classes. As a sophomore taking the class, I already had a year of listening to my peers complain about how everyone does terribly. On top of that, I am an engineer, so I dreaded the idea of taking a class on a subjective subject that I had no expertise in.  I honestly braced myself for the worst, but was definitely surprised when I got to class and I found out it probably wasn’t going to be as bad as I had expected. 

Initially I assumed that class was going to be focused on learning about the theme, sentence structure, and grammar. While we did that, I felt the class really targeted how to think and create ideas more than anything else. At first, I got overwhelmed with how I wanted to express my ideas (something I still think I struggle with), but after practicing and taking the time to work out everything I wanted to say, I think I have improved as a writer. 

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