Being Sick in College is the Worst

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Related imageBeing sick in college is not fun. I am not saying that being sick in general is fun, but college really adds a new level of difficulty on an already rough time. This past week I was really sick making it hard to go to class or feed myself or do basically anything except sleep. When I was still in high school, living in the safe comforts of my parents home, this wasn’t normally a problem. My mom would bring me soup and make sure that I got to the doctor and generally just took care of me. There was no one doing that for me while I shuffled around my dorm room feeling like an oversized baby. So being sick and being sick in college are not fun at all.

However, USC knows that being sick is the worst so it does a lot to support students. I personally thought working with the health center was actually a good experience. It was not hard for me to get an initial appointment and all the doctors were super caring and wanted to make sure I got better as fast as possible. They were great about getting me outside referrals to specialists and overall it was easy to get the medicine I needed.

Another great thing that I took advantage of was the B.R.A.T program USC hospitality is in charge of. B.R.A.T, or bananas rice applesauce and toast, are the go to foods when you are sick and unable to cook or make it to the dining hall. If you send in an email with where you live they will literally deliver these foods to you to make sure that you get good sick foods without having to leave the dorm. I did this twice this past week and even though I could barely cough out a thank you, this was pretty awesome. Getting food brought to your room while you are sick is honestly the best and I feel like no one takes advantage of this great program.

It has been nice getting back into the swing of things, and getting back on top of my classes but I don’t think that my illness was the worst thing that could have happened. Even though it was pretty awful, I felt taken care of. I got great medical care and food delivered right to my door, what more could I ask for. So while being sick is definitely not fun, there are worse things that could happen in college.

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