The Trojan Family –– It’s No Joke !

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The process of applying to colleges, getting accepted, and finally choosing a school to attend is a long one, and to be honest I remember most of it as a blur. I’m from California and mostly focused on applying to California schools, so I took a road trip to visit different campuses I was interested in during my senior year. Visiting these colleges was absolutely crucial to my final decision, and my strongest recommendation to students making their choice about what school to attend is to visit all the places you are looking at! The UC and private schools in California all have amazing reputations and choosing a school was difficult enough even with the visit.

I believe you can’t go wrong with your college decision because you will create your own path at whatever school you attend.  This belief allowed me to look at schools and see what about their values resonated with me. At USC, I felt a sense of family and community, and this is still my favorite part about the school. This community plays out on many different scales, from the classroom to campus level. There is a shared camaraderie between classmates (especially in Engineering classes!), a sense of family within student organizations, and mutual respect for others’ experiences at USC as members of the Trojan Family. This means more than just the notion that “Trojans Hiring Trojans” (though this is definitely a reality) and is what made USC stand out to me amongst my other options.




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