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Despite being introduced to Special Relativity this semester and taking Differential Equations last fall, I would say one of the most confusing things I’ve had to tackle at USC is how quickly the time flies by. I’ve made so many friends and gotten to explore topics like improv and entrepreneurship that I wouldn’t even have known interested me just a year ago. As I head into an internship in the Bay Area this summer and prepare to move into a house with my friends next semester, I am looking back at all of the cool projects I have worked on as a USC student and am looking forward to what is still to come.

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The two big projects in my Electrical Engineering and Computer Science classes have really required everything I’ve learned over the course of the year, and have pushed me to be an active creator. For my digital design class, I just finished building a circuit that controls money exchange in a vending machine. The electronics shown in the top right are responsible for releasing the appropriate amount of change in the machine by releasing the largest coin possible at a time, until there is no more change left to return. On the software side of things, I am building a board game with a graphical user interface in my Computer Science class. Being able to look back at these projects as landmarks of progress and points of pride for myself and for my peers is something I wasn’t really expecting out of my freshman year. I can’t wait to see what my friends and I are going to be build in a year from now.

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