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It is pretty crazy that I am in my Junior year already, but regardless I am very excited about this semester. My classes, student organization involvement, and weekend plans for the fall couldn’t be more perfect, and the first two weeks have already been filled with exciting topics and events.

I have spent a lot of time optimizing my schedule and 4-year plan, and this semester that planning has really payed off. My schedule is exactly the way I like it, and I was able to pull off no Friday class! I am taking 16 units, which seems like a more relaxed amount compared to my last few semesters, but this is also the first semester that I am taking graduate-level classes as part of the progressive degree program (Advanced Analysis of Algorithms, and Randomized Algorithms).

My Fall 2015 Schedule

My Fall 2015 Schedule

As for my time outside of the classroom, most of my time this semester will be spent working on Spark SC (the student-driven hub for entrepreneurship on campus), HackSC (the school’s large-scale hackathon), or traveling to hackathons (MHacks, HackGT, and SDHacks). Spark SC has already hosted the Spark Fair, a mini-involvement fair that Spark SC hosts each semester, aimed at exposing USC students to organizations with an entrepreneurial thread.

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This year, Spark SC, LavaLab, Corpus Callosum, Design for America (DFA), 3D For Everyone (3D4E), Girls in Tech (GIT), and Code The Change (CTC) were all showcased, and tons of students were connected to projects that they had never been exposed to before. Outside of the Spark Fair, we also hosted an info session where we released a brief video describing our organization and how to apply.

I will definitely be blogging more about classes, Spark SC, HackSC, and the hackathons I am attending in the coming semester, and can post links back here as things continue to unfold!




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